One of the Most Classic Casino Cheats

One of the most famous and standardized casino cheats is almost certainly the Richard Marcus. Recently retired from his career of cheating, Marcus now has indulged himself in giving seminars. He also now keeps him busy in writing books that are mainly written on the topics that provide help to the casinos and the casino player’s, how to spot cheatings like that of himself.

Marcus started out his wagering career as a conformist gambler, but soon he got to realized that he could not be able to get a frame on the casino playing moderately. He then after became a dealer, and in due course, he met with a mentor who gave him an idea about the only genuine way to hit the casinos and that’s what is called a cheating.

Marcus' Casino Cheat: at American Roulette
In the Marcus' book, "American Roulette," he has written about the details of his journey from the time when he was a penniless gambler to the time of his victorious cheat. The title of the book is based on his achievement in cheating at the game of roulette, where he practiced quite a lot of techniques for getting an edge, together with furtively adding chips to gamble that had already been won.

Some of the Other Casino Cheating Books
Marcus' is one of the "The world's greatest wagering scams" having details about all the top customs of cheating at an online casino, including adding chips, marking the cards, making use of the dealer as an associate and using computers in array to program the results. His book whose name is "Dirty Poker," examine the poker detonation and this is how he even expertise poker players take the advantage of unsuspecting opponents through conspiracy, using techniques such as chip dumping and signaling.

Richard Marcus Today
The career of Marcus as an online casino cheater has stopped pretty much, when the online roulette games entered into the wagering scene.

In recent times, Marcus has his wonderful image on British television and has a site from where you can purchase his tricky books. You may even hire him for seminars or can just learn about the latest cheating tricks and also the tricks of how to protect yourself from it. This is a very useful information for any person who has any connection with the casino online gaming, may be he or she is from the casino staff, or a live casino player or may be is an online casino enthusiast.

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