Can NBA referees allowed to do anything?

NBA Commissioner David Stern lately confronted an interesting challenge. It seems that NBA league regulations do not permit any form of gambling by referees. This regulation was most likely enforce to remove the likelihood of referees putting bets with sportsbooks, which maybe, consequently, lead the referees to favor one team over another. It’s an obvious enticement. Anyone who has the advantage to influence the result of the game must be prohibited from betting on the game.
Stern confessed that more than half of the fifty-six referees had put the bets somehow, as far as he knows. What does it indicate? The regulation, as stated for the NBA has such inoffensive gambling as purchasing lottery tickets and playing low-stakes poker at a public poker room.
Evidently, buying a lottery ticket does not influence the capability of a referee to perform his job. Meanwhile, playing poker, could lead to even friendly wagers on future games. It seems that it’s better off eliminate completely the enticement from the referees.
It’s obvious that this kind of argument is going to surely be a big topic for the matter of the truthfulness of the NBA. Enthusiasts previously oppose referee decisions often. If enthusiasts think that there is even a small chance that the referee can put a wager on the game, it’s impossible to put faith in the referee in any judging?
The resolution to this problem is difficult. NBA guiding principle previously permits the referees to place bets on horse races throughout the off season. Definitely, lottery tickets, scratchers, slot machines, and video poker can not be a problem what so ever. The result of a basketball game couldn’t affect the outcome of the lottery or any of the other examples cited above. Any form of gamble can lead to more need of money and referees just happen to have the narrow way to get the money for pay the debts they might produced by gambling. Well, then they shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that contains the chances to make debts? Making a distance call, go to auctions?

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