Misconceptions regarding Blackjack

Several myths surrounds around the game of Blackjack. Even, some of them have proved to lay adverse affect on the game. The condition becomes worse when you believe on these myths without even confirming them. Most of the players destroy their game keeping faith on these myths. Thus, it becomes very important to be acquainted with these myths about the blackjack game, to keep yourself safe from its adverse effect.

Myth: Concept of due for a win
Truth: This is a very common myth on which, the players believe. They feel that even after loosing a huge amount, there could be a chance for their win. This concept of “due to win” compels them to bet higher and higher amount after every time they lose their bets. Thus, the players have to realize that they should bet according to the gambling situations only with betting on the amount that is affordable to their bankroll. Taking risk unnecessarily can be troubling at the end!

Myth: The Goal of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as Possible
Truth: This myth is very popular among the blackjack gamblers, novice in this gambling world, as they are hardly familiar with the gaming strategy in Blackjack. This myth diverts the player from its ultimate goal, as they tend to focus their complete attention on scores, and try their best to make the score close to 21. However, blackjack is not about getting close to 21, but it is all about beating the dealer.

Myth: Assume the Dealer’s Hole Card is 10
Truth: Some obsessed players believe that the dealer always has the highest score and thus, they should try to beat him any way. For instance, suppose the dealer has 10 as ‘up card’ then, the obsessed player believes that he should also have 10 as his hole card. Here, he forgets to recognize the truth that only one-third of the card will be 10 and rest will be either ace or between 2 to 9. Thus, this myth makes a player lose his sense of judgment and he continuously make wrong decision during the game that ultimately has negative effect on his game.

Myth: Bad Players make the Table lose
Truth: There is no point to disagree if any player hits 14 when the ‘up card’ is only 3, then all the players start blaming that player for the loss. However, this does not show your gaming spirit, as a bad player can also make the game more exciting by adding new situations to it. One thing, everyone should always keep in mind is confirmed that the bad player provides fair opportunities to win the game.

Myth: Single Deck Blackjack is Always More Profitable
Truth: If the rule for both single and multi deck blackjack is same then, single blackjack will be more profitable. Most of the casinos do not allow the single deck blackjack game because the profit shared by them in a single deck blackjack seems very less. Thus, if the casinos provide this facility to play single deck blackjack, then they can do some modifications that make the game less profitable.

Every player should keep all these points in mind and should try to understand these myths to prevent their gaming experience from becoming a miserable experience that flushes away all their bankroll instantly.

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