What is Rouge Online Casino?

What is Rouge Online Casino?

If you are proficient in Google Search for online gambling, then at any point of time, you might have experienced about a link displaying warning about “Rogue Casino”. What is a Rogue Casino? Rogue casino is the name given to the casinos attained "disloyal" tag in the casino gaming industry. These are the casinos where players are not are not recommended to play. Question that strikes our mind is that how the online sites receive this kind of warning. Do not worry, I will let you all the details about how you can get acquainted with this blacklisting of casinos.

•Nothing could be as worst as the situation when the online gambling website fails to pay back to its players. When this type of fraud takes place by the online gambling site, then it becomes a “Rogue” casino. Online gambling authority keeps a strict eye on the online casinos and allow to only those casinos for Internet gaming, which are trustworthy, reliable and secured for the players. Gamblers before wagering any amount must make sure that they are playing on a reputed online portal.

•Any online gaming site, weather it is a poker room or a casino or any other sports related website, can earn the tag of being Rogue, if they do not pay to their partners. It is not a one-sort deal; players should try to sort it out by communication or other means. However, if it does not work, then the affiliate community lists that site as “Rogue”. Hence, it is advisable to players not to visit these Rogue sites frequently. These sites do not pay to their partners, so it is beyond imagination that they will pay to its players.

•Terms and condition that bound players – This can be very well understood by the bonus rules, game rules and the most important deposit and withdrawal rules, which are unreasonable and unfair. Suppose you decide to play with a casino that provides you 100% bonus. You deposit $30 and get $30 as bonus. However, here is the condition that players will receive the bonus only when they will win all the rounds. It means, they have to play total 10 to 30 times. Thus, to receive the bonus of $30 they have to invest $600 before they could cash out any winnings. These rules are fair as per the casinos and stated clearly on their site. On the contrary, there are sites that ask the players to play 100 times, which is just fictitious to obtain such bonus. This rule exempts from their website, but at the end they confirm that you did not received it because you did not meet the criteria of the game. Such gaming sites are tagged as Rogue casinos, and it is always advisable that players should avoid visiting those casinos frequently.

These are some of the reasons, why gaming authority labels some of the gaming sites as Rogue casino. Casino lovers have to be very conscious while selecting a perfect gaming site for themselves. This is because any wrong decision can bring their bankroll to zero in just a few seconds. Thus, enjoy playing safe and secure gambling.

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