Tips for Recognizing Blackjack Dealer Tells

Blackjack is a card game, which is very popular in various movies, and TV shows. The players wishing to beat the house in blackjack must have some powerful strategy to beat their opponent. In card game, one of the best ways for beating the house is by identifying the dealer’s tells. This strategy of spotting the dealer’s tells can also be of great help for beating the house in blackjack. How is it possible, is explained below.

Tips to indentify Dealers Tell
There is a misconception regarding spotting dealer tells, we do not need to focus on the uneasiness or fretful motion, because the blackjack player have good control on their facial expression. Just two important things should be taken in to consideration i.e. first, whose card they pick and second, for how long they have looked at their cards.

The toughest situation for a dealer is to face the card of low value i.e. 2,3,4,5 and 6. When any dealer receives cards having these values then they spend more time in looking at the cards as compared to the one receiving cards with high value. Players may feel strange on this, but it is the fact. Thus, this tip proves to be very helpful to the player for spotting dealers tells.
Now, when dealers have high value cards that range from Seven-A, they feel very relaxed and do not pick up their cards very high. No doubt, Seven-A is a large range of cards that makes the dealer tension free. Thus, this way one can easily spot the high and low cards.

Psychological Tells
As said earlier, every player should try to spot dealer’s nervousness and emotions, although it is very difficult because they have very good control on their feelings.

Even though, it is difficult to spot the emotions of a blackjack dealer’s tells, still some professional gamblers can help you to do that by indentifying their psychological or physical viewpoint. If you feel interested in learning more about it, then there is a book, “Read the Dealer”, written by Steve Forte. This book is of great help to all those who are really wishing to spot the dealer’s tells. It will provide you expert advice on how to catch cardsharps and card counters.

Selection of Appropriate Table
As per expert’s advice, most of the dealers make them aware of what rather tells they can give and try their best to prevent that. Dealers take a lot of training to control them from showing any type of tell. However, tell is a psychological phenomena, any dealer who has taken expert training can also cannot control themselves from showing tells at least once.

Reality that we cannot deny is that spotting dealers tells is very difficult job. Reading a book cannot make you expert in this. It takes time and effort to learn this strategy and become good in it. The best part is when you become expert in spotting dealers tells. You can gain a huge house edge and can earn lots of money.
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