Winning History of Slot Machine

Its a great feeling of exhilaration to people, when they hear about the gigantic winning of any casino player. Big scores are offered either by high stakes blackjacks table, one spin of a roulette wheel or even when the parsimonious slot machine gives progressive jackpot.

Casinos have changed the life of many people in a drastic manner. Common people become wealthy and wealthy ones become even more wealthier, in just single day. Sound unbelievable but true.
Some of the casino winnings that created history are: Kerry Packer won million in Las Vegas MGM Grand
Kerry packer created history in winning from casino. It was in the year 1997, in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. Kerry Packer who was billionaire from Australia and high roller, won $20,000,000 from Las Vegas MGM Grand.

As per the traditional thinking the amount was almost 40 million, this winning is been considered as one of the major casino winning until now. When anyone learns about this winning, weather guy or gal cannot stop themselves from giving strange expression.

As Packer was already a billionaire, so winning more does not give that remarkable impression, as it would have been if, he had lost 28 million in a single play.

Good Things Come Late
Its correctly said that good things comes to those who patiently wait for that. Elmer Sherwin have proved this, Elmer Sherwin won megabuck progressive slot when he was 76 years old. He won a cool amount of 4.6 million. Elmer Sherwin had a wish to see the world, his wish was fulfilled as it was awaiting because of financial lacking.

Its even more interesting to know that 4.6 million was not the end for Elmer Sherwin, as he had a long way to go, he again won a big jackpot of 21 million, after 16 years when he was 91, this was in the year 2005.

Another case happened with Amy Nishimura 71 years old, she came to visit fabulous Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and won a good megabucks jackpot slot by spending just $100. She won 8.9 million dollars. After winning she said that its not less than a dream come true.

A Single Hit for the Ages
Excalibur Hotel and Casino support and encourage great gaming, and in March during NCAA basketball tournament took place in the year 2003, that time a man from Los Angeles wanted to have holistic experience in casino, he spent a few bucks somewhat around 100 in to slot machine.
When he started playing on slot machine, he was not aware that he is going to create a history in the world of casino. He won the 39.7 million dollars, which is the highest jackpot ever in the history of Las Vegas casino.
History created by online slot winning
Until now we learned only about winning history in real casino but a list of records have been formed by gamblers in online casino as well, specially in online slot game. In the year, 2002 first multimillion-dollar jackpot was awarded. After this online casino became more and more popular. Gamblers started preferring online casino more then the Brick and mortal one
Another record was formed 3 years later, in the year 2005, when a Floridian woman won the jackpot of $1.96 million progressive jackpot from online slot machine.
In the year 2009, May all the records got HYPERLINK ""tattered when a businessperson from Greece won the jackpot of $8.69 million, he scored €6,374,434. With this huge amount, he can start a new business of sharing online casino or gamboling tips.

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