Defend Yourself from Casino Traps

Casino is a place were people come together to enjoy gambling. However, casino is not limited to gambling it has many more things to offer its players. Casino provides the facility of having food while playing and arrange accommodation for the one who come from outside. Gamblers feel very excellent that casino offers them so much of comfort, but they are not at all aware of the fact that, casino plays smart tricks to take out money from their pocket.
If gamblers are aware of these tricks then they can easily overcome them and save lot of money.

Casino offer electronic coins or chips for playing
Casinos generally provide you with chips instead of money to play. This is so because casino is a place were people deal with millions of dollars and its secure to keep all the money in a safe location. Another very important Psychological reason of playing with chip is that, when players play with real money they become more conscious about the amount they are spending to play, on the contrary when playing with chips they sometimes fail to remember that they are dealing with real money and continue betting high.

Slot machines and video poker also work on the same technique. Casino provides you with electronic coins or chips on exchange of money. When you put these coins in machines you get chance to play. Here also players mostly forget that they are playing with real money. Gamblers need to keep this in that these chips or electronic coins represent real hard cash, so they could not afford to loose them.

Casinos want players to spend more time
Just as casinos want, you to forget about the value of money same they want you to forget about time. Simple strategy here is spending more time in casino means spending more money in casino. You must have observed that casino don’t have any clock or have only few windows, so that players don’t realize the time they spend in casino. To overcome this trick you need to carry your own watch or cell phone, to be aware about the time updates.

Rate of playing is very fast in casinos
Casinos want their player to play at faster rate. The dealers try to quickly give you the card so that you don’t have the time to think how much money you spend on playing the round. This can be prevented by taking proper care of your cards and making slow bets and slow down your speed while playing on machines.

Free drinks charge high
Casinos provide free drinks to its players to admire their presence, more time you spend playing you will be served with more free drinks. Players also enjoy these free drinks. But you need to make sure that whether these free drinks contain alcohol or not. The idea behind serving free drinks is when a gambler becomes completely drunk he/she start betting higher and higher. The waiter and waitress are very conscious in this they notice very carefully who is getting drunk and continue serving them more free drinks. Although it sounds free but these drinks can cost you very high.

Bigger comp is given to those that spend more
Comp programs are the best option for all the gamblers even if they visit casino only for recreational purpose. When you win good amount then casino try their best to make you sit and continue the game until you loose all your winning. So make sure that you do not make this mistake, or else all your winning will be lost.
Try to spend a great time in casinos and above all make sure that you enjoy a lot.

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