No Download Version V/S Software Version

No download casinos prove to be of great help for all the online gamblers. Instant play option helps you to try the game before you download its software, as most of the time it happens that you download the software and later you realize that you did not like the game, so ultimately you delete the software. No download casino is specially useful for those gamblers who do not want to download software from some unknown site. Although most the online casinos are honest and trustworthy, but still instant play option, helps to provide more security and safety.

Working of no download casino
The name no download casino is self-explanatory. As you, enter any online casino site search for the instant play option, and then simply click on that option to get started. After clicking on the instant play option, two more options will prompt on your computer screen, one is the sign in and other will be create an account (for new members), click on the appropriate option. Even if you need to register, do not worry, as account creation will not take much time.

Once you have logged in, online casino will ask you whether you have Java or Flash enabled in your system. In case you do not have Java or Flash enabled in your system then, you need to download any of the two programs as per your convenience. Most of the online casino sites properly instruct you that, where to go to get either Java or Flash. Both of these programs are relatively small then megabytes, and are trusted applications too.

No download casino is also very popular among Mac users. There are a number of online casinos who do not even offer Mac users the option of casino software download.

Disadvantages to Instant Play Casinos
Although there are a number of advantages of instant play option, but one thing should always be kept in mind that no download casinos are perfect, so there are certain things that you have to be aware about. One main limitation of no download casino is that you cannot enjoy multiple games at a time; this is a major drawback for the poker players, who enjoy playing on multiple tables to make extra money.

Another drawback is that a lot of casino does not provide the facility of resize the game, as in the software version. This is extremely irritating for those players who enjoy playing the online game full screen, these drawbacks does not matter much for those players who are not bothered about multi-tabling games or re-sizing the window.

Which of the two versions are superior?
A very common question that exists in the mind of many online gamblers is that, which version of online casino is better. No download version or the software based version. The answer to this depends solely on the individual. Players who prefer all the features available, for them software version is the most suited one.

Conversely, if you are less bothered about the features available and just want to play online casino games then instead of software3 version, no download version will be best suited for you.

Searching of No Download Casinos
It’s not really very difficult to search a no download casino, you just need to do a simple internet search and you will get what you are looking for. Before starting, your search you need to be very prompt regarding what you want from online casino. In any case, if you do your research when looking for an Instant Play casino, you should have no trouble finding a good place to play

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