Who Are Those Big Winners?

If you hear that there has been a big winner in Las Vegas, who do you picture in your head? An experienced professional gambler? The reality is that these big winners haven’t received any particular training or schooling in how to win. They are normal people who just got lucky won an enormous amount of cash. Las Vegas is the city of night life with casinos filled with tourists and gamblers. The easiest and most simple way of testing one luck is at the slot machines. While some people may win through a variety of strategies at the poker or blackjack tables. As nobody or nothing can control the luck, a big winner can be anyone sitting at the tables inside Las Vegas casinos.
In March 2003, $40 million was won by a 25 year old man from Los Angeles, the largest jackpot in the history of Las Vegas. He simply decided to test his luck while he was visiting Las Vegas for his NCAA basketball competitions.
The luckiest winner to date must be the 92 year old Elmer Sherwin who won a jackpot not only one time but twice. The second jackpot of $21 million he decided to donate to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. His 1st jackpot was for 4.6 million dollars which he spent on traveling all over the world with his wife.
These are just two examples of lucky winners. There are many others who tested their luck and won a life-changing amount of money in one day. Ralph R. of New York who won a jackpot of $320,449 is just another such example. When he was about to call his wife to let her know, she was giving birth to a baby. He was quoted as saying, “I was blessed twice”.
Another example that shows the fact that the luck is not something that can be controlled by any kind of elements, is the jackpot hit by Brenda J who won six million dollars which helped her cover her business losses. She said simply, “You never know”. There is no way of knowing when and how to win or where the luck is and if the luck will land in your hand. There is also no guarantee that you are ever going to win neither! All you can do is to give it a shot.

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