Astonishing Single Wagering Strategy

While playing online casino the biggest obstacle faced by gamblers is house edge. Although the house edge advantage is not much since most bets, give casino around 2% to 5% advantage. However, when gamblers spend several hours on a table then this edge becomes pretty big.

A very common question that exists in the mind of most of the players is what is the uses of gambling, since the casino is going to beat them in the end anyways. More time you spend on table more money you are giving to house. Thus, is their any way to avoid casinos long-term edge? Yes, there is and in this article, you can read about that.

A Single Bet
The best strategy that you can follow to beat all other strategy of casino is that: you take your entire bankroll and make a single bet. Although it sounds foolish, but if you think on it deeply you will come to know the main idea behind it.
Suppose you are playing on a Blackjack table and bet your entire bankroll for playing one hand. Presume you have a strategy card and use it with every decision, and then in this case you only offer casino a house edge of just 0.05%. Thus, you are playing wagering large amount with a chance to win 49.5% to make profit, on this single bet. Therefore, ultimately this gives you a nearly 50/50 chance of winning.

If you do not like to play Blackjack then you can choose any other game and can wager whole bankroll in that. Craps is a game, which offers you a variety if wagering options, such as come bets, do not come bets pass line and do not pass line bets etc. Suppose you choose to play with the pass line bet with double odds, then in this case you offer casino house edge of 0.445%. Now as you are clear with the single bet strategy then, lets take a look on the advantage of using it.

Advantages of making a Single Bet
The main advantage behind using single bet strategy is that you are forced tom offer large house edge to the casino. With single bet, you do not give casino chance to take away money from your pocket. On the contrary, you are offering yourself a fair and equal chance of winning or losing with one bet.

Another very interesting reason behind single wagering strategy is that if you win you win a huge amount. In case you have bet $400 on a game, then there is a fair chance that you may walk away from casino win a win of around $800. Above all its a tremendous thrill to wager whole of your money on single bet.
Gamblers who gamble with the intension to make money, for them this strategy is considered to be the best, but for the gamblers you play gambling for the sake of entertainment with the chance of making profits, For them there can be some disadvantages of this single wager strategy.

Disadvantages of the Single Bet Strategy
The major disadvantage of following single betting strategy is that it limits your time on the table, there are some gamblers who gamble for the sake of entertainment and winning money is secondary preference for them. For them the thrills of the game are short-lived.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that it’s really very difficult to quite the game after making single bet. No matter how much you convince yourself but still its really tempting to make this wager again. 
So ultimately, you need to decide what your aim of gambling is, if your aim is to earn huge amount then go for single bet strategy and if your aim is to have a good time enjoying in casino along with earning some amount then do not even think of adoption single bet strategy.

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