Dice Control Literally Works in Craps

Generally every individual consider that you could work 10 to 6 job for more then 45 years, slowly and steadily moving up as well as investing on some mutual funds, and at the time of retirement you could be a semi wealthy person. However, gamblers find this very boring, as per them spending whole life in pursuit of an edge over the house is a much more exhilarating option.
One of the very popular way by which gamblers try to achieve this edge is by applying dice control in craps. It is not an easy job it requires lot of skill and years of hard work and practice to gain expertise in it. Most the people consider dice control a complete myth, and disagree with the fact that expertise can be obtain in it by continuous practice. Now the question arises…….. Is the concept of dice control reality or just myth? In this article, we have provided you answer for this question.

The Concept of Dice Control
Before we discuss further about dice control its very essential to know, what dice control exactly mean. Dice control mean roll the dice in such a manner that you can get the desired number of your choice. In general, whenever any ordinary player hold dice in his/her hand, they are not at all aware that which number will turn up, as they will roll it. Here the difference can be seen between normal player and the player who have dice control practice, as he can roll the dice and obtain the number of their interest through their skill and technique. Its not at all possible to get the desired result all the time but their main aim is to get the desired outcome maximum percentage of time.

Dice controller spends hours in practicing, to sharpen their skill so that they may able to influence the dice through in their favor. Holding the dice in the same way all the time and by throwing it in the similar manner, players think its surely possible to have control throw.

How Dice Control Works
Now as the concept of dice control is clear so lets take a look on how this concept can be brought in to action. One very important aspect of dice control is to have a good grip on the dice every time. Craps players generally try their best to avoid seven so they hold the dice in v shape so that it does not turn up seven or a combination of seven.
What Helps Dice Control Success?

As there are in total 36 combinations, so 6 out of 36 combinations gives us seven. Thus, there are 5: 1 ratio of throwing seven in craps Since the main aim of dice control is to avoid sevens, because the house counts on players to roll the average number of 7’s to keep their house edge.

Dice Control Masters
On one hand, there are a number of people who do not believe in dice control, but on the other hand, there are few players who have beaten casino in craps reputedly. The most famous example is of Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio he is a player who made his living only by beating house edge in craps. He is known as the “The Man with the Golden Arm,” he has a record to earn thousand of dollars each night at the craps tables.

Myth or Legitimate Skill?
There are a number of claim that they have the capability to turn any ordinary player in to craps winner, while there are also some who only offer advice to players but does not provide any surety of winning. In both the cases, everybody claim that it takes years to get gain expertise in dice control.

On one hand, there are people who fail to learn this technique by practice, coach’s help or even after having huge amount of advice, while on the other hand there are players who can stay away from rolling 7 by using the same throwing motion repeatedly

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