Different Modes of payments at Online Casinos.

Internet is the most useful gift of technology to human being, as it has made life easy and convenient. However, internet can also be an intimidating place. One of the major problems that is being faced because of internet is the security of users money and money related transactions in this virtual world. All of us prefer to do online shopping, enjoy various online services and play online gambling.

Now lets discuss about online gambling, before you decide to play in your favorite online casino site, suppose you like 888.com, Golden Palace or Party Poker etc, then you should be well aware of all the options they offer for enjoying holistic gaming experience.

There are various options for making online payments, as if you can use debit cards, credit cards or pre paid cards and this list goes very long. Now the question is what the basic difference between them is, what are the advantages or disadvantages and ultimately which is the most suited for you. Here in this article we have provided answer to these questions.

Credit cards
Credit cards are the most common and familiar form of making online payments, most of the online gamblers use credit cards for transactions.

Credit card is quite different from those of the charge cards or debit cards, In case of credit cards money is not withdrawn from the users account after every transaction and users are not forced to pay whole of the credit in one month.
Using credit cards for payment is considered safe, as most of the reputed online casinos use TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security), which provide card number in the form of code and protect their clients from any sort of fraud activities. In case if clients become victim of nay fraud then the credit card companies reimburse their clients. HYPERLINK "http://www.dinersclub.com/" Diners Club, HYPERLINK "http://www.visa.com/" Visa and HYPERLINK "http://www.mastercard.com/" MasterCard are some of the examples of credit cards

Debit Cards
Debit cards are quite similar to credit cards, debit cards are very much similar to writing cheque , as amount is withdrawn directly from the account of the user.

Making payments using debit cards are also considered have as it uses the personal identification number (PIN) verification system. Using online debit cards require electronic authorization for transaction and all the transactions is immediately updated in the user’s account. HYPERLINK "http://www.visaeurope.com/" Visa Debit and HYPERLINK "http://www.maestrocard.com/" Maestro are some of the known examples of debit cards.

Prepaid cards
A prepaid card is considered to be of great importance to control the credit card debt along with enjoying the flexibility of plastic. Prepaid cards help you to have a control on your expenses and allow you to spend the amount, which is affordable to you.
Ukash: Ukash is a voucher, which is readily available ion most, of the stores in Europe; it is especially very popular in UK. Each Ukash has a 19 digit secret unique code, which provides security just as PIN code in debit cards.

HYPERLINK "http://www.paysafecard.com/" Pay Safe: Pay safe is the first Secure Electronic Payment System for Credit Cards that came in to existence over the internet. It is secure form of transaction, as transaction takes place based on your PIN code and password, which is only known to you.

Other then this there are many other forms of making payments like Postal or Money order or cheques etc. Casinos accept cheque send through regular mail, but the problem here is that this process is time consuming. On the other hand, Postal or Money Order is the same but you need to pay cash at Post Office or bank and then finally mail it to the casino.

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