Is Betting Systems In Slots Useful?

Most of the gamblers believe that slots betting system does not exist but the fact is a number of gamblers have won huge jackpots using slots betting systems. Lets take a look on various popular slots system that are in use now a days.

Slots system, which is very commonly used, is the Pyramid slots system. It is a non-progressive form, which means on one payline game it allows betting less then the maximum limit at various points. For instance in case the utmost number of coins that you can play with in single payline game is 6 then your pyramid betting sequence will be as
1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 4 coins, 5 coins, 6 coins, 5 coins, 4 coins, 3 coins, 2 coin, 1 coin.

The name pyramid has been derived from the betting pattern as it starts from the bottom bet and then goes to the top, then again back to the bottom and so on. The advantage of this system is, that it gives you fair chance to win major amount with high wager, as well as it conserves your bankroll with small wager.

One Bet a Day System
Most of the player find it expensive to bet $1-$3 a spin, for progressive jackpot games, that is one bet a day strategy came in to existence and is also very popular now a days. As the name one bet a day is self-explanatory, you are allowed to make one bet a day so as to save your bankroll. If you are able to follow this one bet a day pattern for about an year i.e. 365 days, then you will have a fair chance of hitting a big jackpot.

High-Low System
High Low betting system is quite similar to pyramid system, as it is also used on non-progressive games, because you can make lowest bet at a time. With the help of High Low system, you can make your bet high or low as per the situation on each spin. Suppose the highest betting coin amount is $6 and the lowest amount is $2 then you can wager $2, $6, $2, $6 and this continues. This system allows you to bet only one coin per payline.

Martingale System
The most popular and universally accepted slots betting system is the Martingale System. Players use this system in slots although its more effective in games like Baccarat and Blackjack.

In case of martingale player wager double amount after every loss, this is a kind of bankroll suicide as there are tons of variance found in slots. Here players mostly loss money as whole of the bet moves towards funding the biggest jackpot payouts. You need to wait for a long time before winning another bet after you double your wagering through Martingale.

Should we use Slots Systems?
A slot is a game where wagering pattern is very complex, so system concept I not very successful here. Fir instance, in a simple 15-payline game having coin size ranging from $0.01-$6.00, here pyramid system or martingale system does not prove to be of great importance.

Some people try to create system to simplify the complexities of slots betting, and then they charge big amount for these system. People who make money from these systems are the sellers themselves. Therefore, instead of wasting money on system its always better to save it and put it towards jackpot spins.

Thus, do not look at slots machines with the intension to make money but instead, only use them as a means of fun break from your daily normal wagering strategy.

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