Basic Facts Related To Slots Machines

Earlier Slots machines were considered to be a means of entertainment for the wives of the real gamblers, who visit casino to enjoy games like roulette, blackjack, video poker and many more. Slots machines have progressed a lot and have become the most popular and biggest money making casino games.

The beginning
Slots machines first came into existence in the 1894. The concept of slots machines was thought, by the American Charles Fey, who first slots machine in San Francisco. Other then this Charles Fey have also invented various devices, which operate though coins, including the prototype of modern slots machines.

The concept of this machine is used in mechanical gaming devices rarely used today. It has three reels having 20 symbols on each reel that spin around an axis to produce the displaying option. Slots machine is very popular now a days because unlike blackjack and roulette it neither require special skill or nor any dealer is involved in it. The ultimate aim of this game is to achieve a winning combination of symbols present on the reels. The size of winning totally depends on the amount of coins you have inserted before the spin.

Regular or progressive?
Slots machines can be broadly classified in to two categories:
Straight slots: Straight slots machines are straightforward in comparison with other slots machines. It also pays a definite amount to a specific pay.

Progressive slot machines: These slots machines are the updated version, which incorporates a jackpot that continue to increase with each coin inserted into it. This concept makes the jackpot vastly big. Another interesting point is that these machines can be interconnected with other machines of the same casino or even with the machines in that stat or country. Some slots machines have one pay line while some have 3 pay lines; this requires you to insert a coin each time to achieve a win, which is directly proportional to the number of coins needed to operate it.

How does it work?
The classic slots machines use to work on levers and gears. Reels are supported with the central metal shaft. This metal shaft is then connected to the lever that starts its process. All this depends on the coin, which is being inserted in the machine, which ultimately allows the machine to start its mechanism.

Now day’s mechanical gaming machines are very rarely found, as electrical devices are more in use. In electrical machines, the reels are spun with the help of motors, and the work of stoppers is done by solenoids. Although it sounds different but both these are basically played out in the same way. In case of electric machines, the money handling system in that is very sophisticated.
In both the cases, as reels stop, slots machine reads whether the player has won or not and in case they won then issue prizes.

Useful tips for playing on Slot machine:
Try to play on single machine because if you will play on different machines then you will offer more house edge to the casino.
There are lights present on the machines, which are known as candles, these lights identify which type of machine you are playing in. Like yellow for quarter machines, red for nickel machines and blue for dollar machines.

None of the slots machines can predict the jackpot; it can give you the general odds to win.
Before you start, your game always set your money limit as well as time limit, for the gaming session.
If a slot machine has not given any winning since long period, then its not due to win.

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