Origin of Craps

Craps is one of the most popular and exciting games offered by online as well as brick and mortal casinos. A large portion of casino earning comes from craps; this reflects the popularity of craps among gamblers. Word carps is not new to gamblers, its in existence from last several hundred years, Craps has a rich history that extends back to thousands of years. It’s actually very interesting to know about the history of the game you are found of playing. So now let’s take look in to the history of craps game.

B.C. Dice Games 
The concept of craps, which is known to us, is just several hundreds years old; however, the foundation of it was laid down thousand of year back, when the prehistoric people started playing dice games. In the beginning they use dice made up of sheep knucklebones, it was a bit similar to the dice we use today. Later after 5000 B.C., dice made up of ivory and wood came in to existence. By 2500 B.C., Chinese and Egyptians also started playing dice games with certain complicated rules.

Today craps is considered as the game for rich people who like lavish games, which is filled with excitement. Sir William of Tyre and his knights never even thought of this when they invented Hazard- direct ancestor of craps in the dusty Arabian deserts.
A number of dice games came before Hazard but none of them had so many complicated rules associated with it. In Hazard, only one-player rolls the dice and others can bet make bet on it. Hazard is quite similar to the modern craps game that we enjoy now days.
Hazard’s rules share several similarities with modern-day craps, and helped lay the groundwork for what would happen next.  

Evolution of Craps 
Craps took no time in gaining popularity in America, especially among the French who are settled there. Craps got huge success from South territory and it was also very popular in Mississippi riverboats region.

John H. Winn, who made several changes in craps, made considerable advancement in the game. First rule made by Winn’s was that players could wager either with the shooter or against the shooter, this rules prevented casinos from cheating the players using crooked dice, as the bet can be both sides of the action. Other then this Winn also came up with other famous bets like the Big 8, Big 6, Pass line, do not pass line and so on.

Learning about John H. Winn valuable contribution in craps game, which can be seen in the casinos of present time, its cleat that why Winn is known as “the father of modern craps.”

Craps Today 
Although nothing much have changed in the rules of craps made by Winn, but many advancements have occurred in the game in terms of refinement and regulations.

Advancement is in the form of sleek and sophisticated tables, which gives lavish look to the casino. Another thing is that today we rarely find any crooked casino, which means that players do not have to play with the dice having some sort of scams. Above all the biggest advancement is in the form of growth of online craps game.

With the help of online casino players do not need to travel far to enjoy craps but instead they can simply switch on their computer and enjoy the game in there home along with the homely comfort.

Its astonishing to see how advancement have taken place from knucklebones of sheep to the amazing craps game that players enjoy in their computer sitting in there home. Nobody even imagined that such kind of advancement would take place in future.

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