Craziest Roulette Bet in the History of gambling

There are a number of gamblers who have taken huge risks to win the game, but till now none of the gambler could match with Ashley Revell famous roulette player. Ashley Revell wagered his everything on a single roulette spin outcome. It sounds crazy? Yes it does! However, the story of Ashley Revell’s single roulette spin is the most interesting gambling story ever heard.

Ashley Revell was an Ordinary Man
Ashley Revell was 32-year-old normal person; he was an ordinary person until the time he decided to wager his everything on a roulette game. He was not very famous, he was not rich etc. Well all this changed all of a sudden when he decided to sell everything he had, such as his car, cloths and even his house for the sake of gambling. After selling everything, he managed to gather $135,300 for satisfying his gambling desire.

The main object of Ashley Revell, for which he sold his everything, was that he wanted to visit Las Vegas, and try to earn maximum profit by with $135,300, through the aforementioned HYPERLINK "" single spin. Earlier the whole issue was kept amongst Revell’s family and closest friends, until the local media got the hint for the entire story. After that, everything turned in to big scene, and changed Revell’s life drastically.

Overnight Fame
Taking the decision of wagering everything on a single roulette spin, with the intention of becoming rich is a very interesting and rare story ever heard. UK’s Sky channel decided to capitalize on this story, by running a special show on Revell called Double or Nothing.

Double or nothing was a sort of mini-series that documented everything related to Revell’s life, it focused specially on the roulette spin story. Other then this Revell was also featured on various television programs, for example a documentary on the E! Channel, Vegas Winners & Losers and THS Investigates.

The Spin
No doubt, Revell must be very nervous while he was wagering his everything on the huge spin. He was very confused regarding where to bet this huge amount of $135,300. On a TV interview with CNN, Anderson Cooper he shared, how he managed to decide and what was his decision-making process. He said, it was imploring that I selected it, that it would come in red. Before I went near to the roulette wheel, I was planning to bet on black, and then when the guy was spinning the ball, all the people standing near me voted for red, so all of a sudden I also said red and wager whole amount on it.

Fortunately, Revell followed the majority and selected red, the pleasant winning moment came when the ball pointed on seven red. As the result was announced Revell’s family and friends jumped with happiness a had huge celebration for the man who wagered his everything just for the sake of turning his $135,300 bet into $270,600.

After the winning Revell opened up a little more and shared his feelings, he said- “When I decided to wager everything I had on this roulette spin, I felt very positive and thought about just going ahead and winning. However now when I actually made it, now I think what would have happened to me if I have lost. I know I was crazy enough to place such kind of bet, in fact its the maddest thing I ever did.

Revell fortunately earned more than enough amount to lead his rest of the life with comfort and luxury. Ashley Revell one roulette spin bet became the most famous bet in the history of gambling.

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