“Monte Carlo” - Elegant Gambling Destination

Although Macau and Las Vegas are known as the gambling giants of the world, but Monte Carlo is also very famous for its charm and elegance. Every year a huge crowd of gamblers visits Monte Carlo to experience and enjoy the offerings of this generous casino city. Monte Carlo has a unique and interesting history, here in this article lets take a look in to the fascinating history of this gambling city.

Hard Times
Regardless of its generous reputation, Monte Carlo has also been through a lot of struggle over last many years. In 1950 when Prince Charles III sold several towns to France, things become even worst when the royal families of Monte Carlo faced bankruptcy. Monaco’s rulers tried to look for some of the German towns such as Homburg and Baden-Baden, which had already had a number of casinos, as a means of revenue.

Humble Beginnings
Prince Charles III and others were expecting that the concept of casino will boom, but unfortunately, things did not go as they planned. The major reason behind the failure of the casino was that it was relocated several times, until it found the best place location in Les Spelugues area. The reason behind relocation was that the casino was not gaining success in the previous areas.

Another problem that was been faced by Monte Carlo casino was that the people handling the casinos were not very much experienced in this area. Ultimately, in the year 1863 the casino was sold to Louis and Francois Blanc, this was the start of the positive turn for both the casino and Monte Carlo.

The Birth of a Gambling Capital
The strength of Louis and Francois Blanc, which contributed in the success Monte Carlo’s casinos, was experience. After they took the hold of casino in their hand, it took almost no time for making Monte Carlo casino most popular and famous gambling establishment in whole Europe. Other then this Blancs offered Prince Charles III to buy the rest of the casinos in Monte Carlo, Charles accepted it and instantly the casino was transformed with royal looks, they also made efforts to built a railroad that will facilitates the people to travel to and from Monaco without any inconvenience. When the railroad was formed in the year 1960, gamblers started visiting Monte Carlo very frequently and very soon, the area experienced huge success. Along with casinos, other business related to hotels and retail shops grew rapidly.

Pop Culture Recognition
The economic success of Monte Carlo was just the beginning, as on the other side brink of a pop culture started booming as well. In the year 1930, an American filmmaker made a movie on Monte Carlo and the place became extremely popular and famous among people. No doubt, that James Bond movie is the strongest reason for the popularity of Monte Carlo. A number of movies like Goldeneye, Never Say Never Again, Iron Man2 and so on preferred Monte Carlo as the filming location.

Monte Carlo Today
Monte Carlo has still maintained the glamour of which it got recognition in the late 1900’s. As discussed earlier huge crowed visit, this place every year, to enjoy the excellent offering of this city as well as its lavish looks. Other then gambling there are many other events that attracts visitors in Monte Carlo, some of these are professional poker tournaments, Monte Carlo Rally and high-profile boxing matches. With all exciting events that are going in, we are sure that Monte Carlo will remain the famous and favorite gambling destination of gamblers for years.

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