Slot Machine Placement Theory

Slots are very popular casino game among gamblers, as it does not require much skill. Most of the gamblers are of the opinion that they can make maximum profit by playing online slots than by playing in brick and mortal casinos. As a number of online casinos, offer up to 95% payout percentage and even more. On the contrary, brick and mortal casinos offer payout percentage only up to 80% or even less then this. Thus, no doubt the smart decision is to play online slots, instead of land-based slots games.

Although online slots offer better payout percentage, then also there are some gamblers who prefer to visit land-based casinos so as to enjoy the lavish offering of the casinos. Therefore, if you are planning for a casino vacation then visiting land-based casino is the better option, despite of its lower payout percentage. If you will learn about the slots strategy before visiting land-based casino then you will surely come across, the popular theory of slot machine placement. In this article let’s have a close look on Slot Machine Placement Theory.

Slot Machine Placement Theory
Some gamblers believe that slots machines with higher payouts are intentionally placed in some specific spots of a casino. They are mostly placed in some rarely visited area like the dark corners of the casinos and other places. On the contrary, the slots machines having less payout percentage are placed in the high traffic areas or the areas were gamblers visit very frequently. Casinos do this so that players play on machines with lower pay.

So, now as you are aware with it so try to search for the slots machines placed in remote areas the casinos, and can enjoy maximum payout percentage out of it. This theory of slot machine placement is not officially proved, so there is still a controversy regarding whether it’s a myth or a genuine strategy?

The Truth about Slot Machine Placement
Famous Gambler Frank Scoblete, mentioned this strategy in his book named -“Break the One-Armed Bandits”, first brought up the idea of slot machine placement. In this book Scoblete has written about the interview with he had with a casino manager. The manager told Frank Scoblete, that they place the machines with higher payout percentage in the back area of the casino, while the machines offering less pay in the area having higher traffic. This is for the first time when the theory of machine placement came in to existence.

Until now casino owners are very well familiar with the machine placement theory, so don’t you think they must have changed the idea of replacing machines by now? The fact is that you should not worry about the machine placement theory but instead must focus on the following tips while you plan to play land-based slots.

Focusing on both payout percentage and payout frequency- payout percentage is the first thing that a slots player looks at while they decide to play it. Other then that you also need to focus on the payout frequency, specially when you have limited bankroll to play with. Payout frequency means how often you will receive the payouts, and not just how much percentage of money you will receive on each dollar spent.

Join the slots club: You should always join the slots club of the casino; this will help you to enjoy some of the additional benefits and help you earn useful bonuses at the same time.

Playing online casino at home: As discussed earlier that online casinos offer better payouts then land-based casino, other then that you will continuously earn different bonuses and rewards all the time when you will join online casino, so its better to sit at home an enjoy the online slots game.

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