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Question that frequently arises in the mind of most of the people is that how casino makes money to payoff its fixed and variable expenses. The way by which casino makes money is not a hidden fact any more, they make it by gamblers visiting their casino. Fact that most of the gamblers re not aware of is that, casinos are set to earn money and not to benefit gamblers. Casinos have various expenses in terms of Casino provides meals, hotel rooms and various forms of entertainment to gamblers so as to earn money, but casino makes huge profits from the gamblers who gambler at their establishment.

Doubt that casino makes maximum profit when gamblers make the worse bet possible. Now casinos will not going to tell you the games where the chances of loosing big amount exist, so you need to gather information in this regard to get a clear idea about which wager to avoid, before you step inside the casino to enjoy gambling. Here we have discussed abut some of the most important points that will be beneficial for you to decide, what to stay away from in the future.

Craps Proposition Wagers
Craps is a very popular game known to gamblers; in craps, there are many betting styles, one out of which is proposition wagers. However its always recommended to avoid this kind of bet as here the house edge can go up to 16 %.

Blackjack Insurance
In blackjack game, casino will always try to offer you insurance in different attractive ways, as they can earn maximum house edge from it. So always make sure that you avoid taking insurance as they offer 8% house edge.

Its a well known fact that lottery is a worst form of investment as far as sheer statistics is concerned. Keno is basically lottery version of gambling, this is the reason that gamblers does not gain maximum advantage out of it. Here the edge is not as much as the traditional lottery, but keno offers the house edge maximum up to 25% advantage.

American Roulette Wheel
Its always advisable to play European roulette then the American one, this is so because American wheel have extra numbers, which ultimately offer the house edge of 5.2% to casino. On the contrary, European roulette wheel have one number less then the American wheel, and thus offer only 2.7% house edge to casino.

Baccarat Tie Wager
Gamblers know that baccarat is a game where you can bet either on the banker or on the player, but in addition to this casino also allows you make tie bets between the two. Do not ever think of making such bets as in this the casinos earns the advantage of 14.4% house edge.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of fortune is a very popular and interesting game, it has child like appearance. Wheel of fortune is quite similar to the one, which is being played, by children and others in country fair or any other party. However, this game is not as innocent as it looks as it offers a house edge of almost 24% to the casino.

Progressive Caribbean Stud Jackpot Bet
Gamblers are generally much found of progressive Caribbean Stud jackpot, because in this jackpot gamblers cab win bigger amount, which is not offered by any other game. But its not right to get in to the game with out thinking about the house edge aspect of it. In Progressive Caribbean Stud Jackpot the house edge can climb up to 25%.

These are some of the casino games where the house edge is quite high, thus casino will always try to convenience you wager on these games, but you should always think twice before you make your mind to play these games.

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