Casino And Free Drinks

When you decide to go to a casino, what do you expect besides winning big? Perhaps you have come to expect and enjoy a non-stop supply of free drinks from the casino while playing? If so, you might want to think again whether you are actually receiving “free“ drinks.

Let’s take a look at what the casino gets from supplying players with free alcohol. In truth, when they are feeding players with free drinks they are, in a sense, providing them with a mind-altering substance. Free drinks are a key function in the casino’s overall strategy, along with pumping the gambling hall with oxygen, as they alter their player‘s minds to their advantage and increase their player‘s losses exponentially. Playing drunk will increase player’s aggressiveness with betting, cause them to make stupid mistakes and increase the overall profit margin of the casino.

All casinos supply their players free drinks served by women with tight short skirts and tight outfits. By guaranteeing prompt service in a tight outfit, players will inevitably tip big especially once they are rip roaring wasted. As the waitresses and the drinks work to the overall disadvantage of the player, perhaps there is no need to tip. Well, this isn’t necessarily the solution as the waitresses actually pay tax on the “free” drinks that they serve. The tax can get be as high as 30% on the retail cost of the drink. Let’s say you order a cocktail drink, the price for which is near about 3 pounds. Then on this the waitress forcefully needs to pay 75p in tax on your free drink. The tip becomes an accepted and expected part of the service of receiving a “free” drink, thus it is more accurate to say that you receive discounted alcohol rather than free alcohol.

Indeed, the drinks are free, but are the services and the costing for both times and money free as well? Furthermore, every waitress wishes to work in the areas of the table games verse slots as players are wagering significantly more money at the tables versus slots and will generally be better tippers, forgetting the fact that players wagering greater sums deserve better privileges and treatment. Here the freedom of the perfect service is most comprehensible. At any rate, it might be best to order your gin and tonic without the gin.

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