Various Blackjack Wagering Systems

Whenever we talk about the blackjack system the first thing that comes to our mind is card counting, as it is the best way to beat casino in blackjack game. Most of the land-based casinos do not take kindly to card counting, and online casino sites do not provide the option for card counting. Therefore, there is no use discussing on this topic. Now lets take a look on some of the blackjack wagering strategy and decide which one is the best wagering system in blackjack.

Martingale System
The Martingale system is oldest and the well-known betting system known to gamblers, the best part of Martingale system is that it is very easy to use. In this system, you just need to double your bet after every loss. Suppose you are playing blackjack with $30, You started your game by wagering one unit, now if you lose this bet then the next betting will be double of the previous one i.e. $60, if this bet is also lost then the net one will be $120 and so on.

If we consider the theoretical aspect of Martingale system then, you would never lose money if you follow this system, until the time your bankroll allows you to double your wagering amount after every bet. Casinos are also aware of this and hence they always set a betting limit beyond which a gambler cannot wager. So follow Martingale system only in those casinos where there is no betting limits, or else you will surely suffer huge loss.

LaBouchere System
The net betting system is the Labouchere system; this system is not as simple and easy as the Martingale system because it is a negative progression system. In this you need to write a series of numbers such as 1, 3,3,5,6 their is no fixed way to write these numbers, just make sure that these numbers should progress upward and should not be too big.
Now as you are done with writing the numbers, the next step is to select the first and last digit of the list and add them to know your next bet, as per the series here your next be will be 7 (1+6). If you win the game then cancel the first and last digit and consider next first and last digit to determine the next bet and this continues.

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