Joseph Jagger – First Person Who Recognized the Bias Theory Of Roulette Wheel

Charlie Wells is considered as the first person who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, in the year 1891. However, the fact that most of the people are not aware of is that Joseph Jagger a British engineer broke the bank at Monte Carlo almost 18 years earlier then Charlie Wells. The reason why Jagger is not as famous as Wells is that he did not play to the media like Wells did and also did not have any famous song written on him (The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo). Still the story of Jagger is very interesting in his own sense.

Mechanics of Roulette
Joseph Jagger was born in the year 1830; he was an ancestor of the popular singer Mick Jagger. Joseph Jagger worked as a British engineer in Halifax, Yorkshire, where he use to improve the manufacturing process and also repair the cotton factory in Halifax.
Along with working as a mechanical engineer, Jagger was also interested in playing roulette and found out that all roulette wheels are not created equally i.e. every roulette wheel is some what different from the other. Jagger released that every made device have at least some sort of minor defect in it, so as the case with roulette wheels. Here due to some mechanical imperfection some roulette wheels favor certain specific number. Thus, Jagger kept this point in mind and tried his best to exploit these defect by betting on the biased roulette numbers.

Finding Biased Wheels
After Jagger realized this bias theory, he started working on it. He hired six people and asked them to go to the Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo and record every roulette spin. One of each six person was allotted a roulette wheel and they where required to collect sufficient data so that Jagger can later analyze them and find out the bias number of the roulette wheels.
As per the data provided by the people, Jagger analyzed that one of the six wheels were highly biased to certain numbers like7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29. Thus, after all this analyses in the year 1875 finally Jagger entered inside the Beaux-Arts Casino to make some profit.

Jagger got huge success as he used his knowledge and made almost £14,000 on the first day itself, this was not the end in the next three days he made a profit of almost £60,000, thus al together this comes to be £74,000. Noticing the success of Jagger other gamblers also join hi on the same roulette wheel and use to make the same bet as he does.

House Edge
Its not clearly known that whether the casino was aware of the trick that Jaggre was using but they realized that the success of Jagger was related to that particular roulette wheel only. Therefore, one day after the casino was closed the casino people changed that particular roulette wheel with the other.

Now on the fifth day when Jaggre arrived to casino he was surprised as he was continuously loosing money, later he noticed that there were two stretches on the roulette wheel he use to play on, which were not there on this wheel.

Jagger found that roulette wheel on some other part of the casino, and started paying on that wheel and again started enjoying the winning streaks. The casino then finally replaced that wheel permanently from the casino. After that, Jagger started losing and continued to loose for a couple of days. Then finally, he left Monte Carlo with his team of six people.

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