The Two Popular Gambling Cities Differ Drastically in Performance

Gambling has become more convenient after the introduction of online casinos, but still there are gamblers who enjoy the sprit of gambling only in brick and mortal casinos. There are many cities who are very famous or known for their gambling establishment. But above all the two most famous and preferred gambling cities of the world are Las Vegas and Macau have a number of similarities among them, but its their performance that finally decides, which city has savant stumped.

On one hand, we have sin city located in the North American continent. Las Vegas is considered as the dream place for all the gamblers, in fact Las Vegas is luxurious and sumptuous venue for gambling. Thus, Sin city is really a renowned place and its reputation seems to be as glorious as it is in the near future as well.
On the other hand, thousands of miles away in the middle of Asia is the Macau, which is another very popular gambling destination. This gambling city has seen lot of unbelievable economic growth as lot of competitors like China, Hong Kong and Singapore drag the competition with intense productivity and pace.

Now if we compare both the cities i.e. Las Vegas and Macau then we will find a lot of similarities among the two, but when observed deeply one can easy find huge difference in the performance of the two.

How Las Vegas got recognition
Now if we focus specially on Las Vegas then we will find that, as per the formal records of Las Vegas, the gambling revenue generated by Strip gambling as dropped down by 9.8% in the February 2011. The city has faced a lot of trouble and has been through tough time due to improbability in the job market, astounding unemployment, and also disappointing gambling from well-known politicians, the sector has struggled a lot. This is not the end in fact the total revenue has dropped from $568 million to $513 million.
Now after all this tension their is a good news that the top four hitters in Wynn Resorts, Caesars, have announced that the hard time is over and its time to have some good news and enjoying time after so much struggle.

Macau Rallies on Strong Economic Growth in the Region
In the gaming world, Macau is the most powerful and can be aptly termed as the tiger in the gaming realm of Asia. As a matter of fact the complete region fully relies on the gaming sector and approx 40% of GDP of the Macau comprises of the revenue earned from gambling. Right through the 90s this particular figure has stayed as it is and in the year 1998 some around 44.5% of the total revenue streams of the government was derived from the taxes on the activities related with gambling.

A sizeable chunk of the market has been absorbed by the online gaming and this is the condition from the year 1999. Till 2002 the deals of the concessions had been made with the Wynn and the Galaxy casino which have opened the market for even more competition and the tax revenues. The tourism level also spiked and now 70% of the gambling revenue is the direct result of the bustling gaming trade in Macau. Provided that the neighbors of Macau are thriving, the gambling industry will carry on to offer with the big returns for this nation.
For e.g. the renowned city of the Dreams casino happens to be the sole part in China where the casinos are 100% legal.

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