Different Aspects of Craps Tournaments

Craps has acquired a prominent place in the world of gambling; today craps is the favorite and preferred game of most of the gamblers. Craps also generators a friendly environment, as many players around the table expect the same dice roll. Now looking at the popularity of the game most of the casinos have started conducting craps tournament, so that gamblers can enjoy forms of craps.

There are some players who love craps so much that they decide to play craps game without knowing much about the rules and regulation of the craps tournament. If you are also one of them then this can cause a huge negative affect on your bankroll. Therefore, you should check out all the details before you pay any entry fee or book hotels.

Tournament Fees
Some casinos charge fee for conducting craps tournament, while there are other casinos who do not charge any fee for the same. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that, casinos who are conducting craps tournament without charging any fee does not provide worthwhile prizes. Casinos who charge fee for craps tournament provide players some fixed amount of chips and player who has maximum chips at the end is declared as winner of the game. For the casinos who do not charge any tournament fee you, need to play with your own money. In certain situations casino ask the players to wager on every single throw, which ultimately cost very expensive to the player.

Before you decide to play craps its always recommended to evaluate the prizes offered by the casinos. Before you start the game just make sure that the reward offered by the casino must match with the fee. Most of the casinos spend the amount collected as tournament fee on other games, and then in this case casino should return the most of the tournament fee back to the players in the form of cash prizes. Moreover, if you are playing in a casino where there is no entry fee then make sure that the casino offers at least one worthy prize to the winner.

Amount of Players
Casinos in the very beginning announce minimum and maximum number of players who will participant in the craps tournament. The minimum number helps in maintaining the large prize pool for the players and the maximum helps in preventing the winning amount from becoming gnome. So casinos need to be very clear in deciding how many players should be there in the tournament, as the tournament will not start unless there is sufficient number of players to play the game and if there is huge number of players then the entry fee may go down.

The Rules
Now craps game varies from each other in various ways, and same is the case with the rules associated with the game. Some tournaments are similar to the regular games while some last for many days like marathon tournaments, and generally require people who use their own money for playing. Now the tournament where your cash is involved there you need to be very much aware of the rules, as there are minimum bets, then pass line or do not pass line wager system etc. In case you are not aware of these rules then be prepared to face an unpleasant surprise.

The Length
While understanding about the basics of the tournament, you should also enquire about the length of the tournament that is how long the tournament will last. As discussed earlier there are some tournament that lasts just for few hours while some tournament last for few weeks like the marathon tournaments.

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