Las Vegas after the Horrified Incident of September 11

What happened to Las Vegas in September 11th?
The most horrified incident happened on September 11th, when the plan was crashed in to the World Trade Center tower. This incident took place ten years back and made a dreadful sound. As far as Las Vegas is concerned, tourists visit plays a major role in building the economy of Las Vegas city. After this destructive incident there was complete silence in the city especially on the airport, as tourist visit became almost negligible.

After sometime when the planes started flying, the remaining tourist went back and did not came back.
In the year, 2001 Las Vegas suffered almost 14 percent downfall in the number of tourist then the previous year, i.e. in the year 2000 the number of visitors were more then 350,000 as compared to the number of visitors after the incident i.e. in the year 2001. More then 260 groups canceled their meeting and other functions, which was planned in Las Vegas. This sudden downfall restricted many casinos to expand their casino and on the contrary, the casinos forcefully terminated their more then 9,000 employees.
September 11 was the tough and painful time in the history of gambling, as the nation’s gambling center beard a huge economic downfall during that period.

As the visitors dropped, their plan of coming to Las Vegas so the people of Sin City showed their grief in a different and unique way. Group of people lit candles and bought flowers to the front of the replica of Statue of Liberty at the HYPERLINK "" New York-New York casino hotel. They made a fence around it and covered it with T-shirts on which they wrote there personal messages. Among this crowd one message was from Alabama, who wrote “God Is Still in Control!"

The tourism authority was very much worried about the situation and finally decided to launch an add campaign so as to bring the visitors back to Las Vegas, this campaign used song by Frank Sinatra. All this arrangement was done with the sole intension of driving the tourist back into the city. This campaign informed people that there are a number of fantastic opportunities for the vacation in the Las Vegas city.

After this campaign got little success, Tourism authority followed this campaign with another slogan campaign focused on air travel. The slogan was "Freedom to Get Away From It All".

Both these campaigns proved to be very successful, as tourist returned to the city ion the next few months and immediately after that, the plane traffic also increased. In the year, 2003 airlines were profited by huge airport traffic then prior-year figures.

The present and the future
Today its almost 10 years after that terrible day, but today you will not find any sign of that horrified incident of 9/11 on this city.
Las Vegas have completely recovered from the incident happened 10 years back and have made a glorious return to grace. Many new expansion projects were under proceedings, which represent the success story of Las Vegas.

Other then expansion some prevention methods have been undertaken by the hotels like trunk searches and all. One additional unit of counterterrorism is added to the police force and there is drastic increase in the number of police officers i.e. 300 since 2001.
What Las Vegas is today is just because of the strength of the people living in the city. Today Las Vegas is much better and bigger city then ever before. Las Vegas has proved that it is not only the city that can only gamble and take risk but can also win simultaneously.

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