Introduction of So Many Microgaming Slots Games?

All casinos, especially the online casinos try their best to come up with new games or with some interesting variations in the existing game almost on a regular basis, as to attract the attention of the gamblers. This innovation gives casino a new look and make it a more enjoyable place for the gamblers. However, as it is said that anything that exceeds beyond its limit become dangerous and unhealthy. Same is the case with Microgaming, Microgaming is a well reputed name in the world of gaming software provider to the online casino. Microgaming has taken a gigantic look in the online gaming industry, as in the past few years this company has continuously introduced new games non stop! Having too many games to choose from make, the gamblers confuse as well as consume more time and money, thus making the game more expensive.

Most of the gamblers prefer playing at online casino, instead of visiting the local brick and mortal casino; this is so because online casino helps you to understand the game in a better manner by giving you proper knowledge and support in the form of customer support, which is not the case in the brick and mortal casino. As I am a regular gambler at my favorite online microgaming casino, so I have fair chance to try all of the slots games and I have found out which the game of my choice is and which one is not the game for me. Few years back I had an 80% chance to win, after making deposit I straight away select the slots game of my choice, because I knew all the games very well. However, today the scene has drastically changed, today as more then 200 versions of slots games are there so it becomes almost impossible to find out which slots game is the best for the day and which one is not as there are huge amount of games to search from. As almost 5-6, new games are introduced every month so it makes your existing strategy useless.

Another worst part of the new slots games that are added recently is that the video slots games having multiple paylines, offer very little payouts on winning combinations. Whereas in the older slots games having multi payline like "Thunderstruck" allows you to wager minimum 40 cents and hit at the minimum half of your bet on the smallest winning combination, but today if you wager 45 cents then you could win just a nickel, which is terrible. Although the graphics offered, by online video slots, game is amazing and it has some of the very exciting additional features that make the game thrilling and very exhilarating. Thus most of the gamblers today prefer to play new and latest versions of online slots, but as far as payout is concerned, its very less unless you wager huge amount on the game. 

Now the question arises that how many games should be there at an online casino and how often or after what duration of time new games should be added? Different gamblers have different views regarding this matter, but from my point of view, new games should be introduced and added in the online casino but not on a regular basis or every month but at least after every 4-5 months. Software providers should focus not only on the number of games introduced but also on making the game worth playing. This will help in maintaining the popularity of the online casino sites as well the interest of the gamblers.

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