Different Bet Sizes in Protection Betting

Generally, most of the gamblers perceive that protection betting is very simple, they think that they have best hand so as they will continue to bet they will raise. However, the fact is protection betting is not that simple. The key in NL Holdem HYPERLINK "http://www.casinoarticlesonline.com/poker_reviews/eurobet_poker/" \t "_self" poker is that how a player can control himself in maintaining the wager size. In this way the player can manipulate the math and turn the situation in his favor, other versions of poker does not allow this.

Now the question arises how one can size the bet in poker and why you need to do that. Lets assume that your protection bet always fails.

For instance: You are in possession of the pair of 44 and your rival possibly has got a donkey hand. The staking action pre flop goes to the heads up and you are in no way to contend your opponent. The flop goes like 3h 4h 9c. The middle set has been made. However there are straight, lush and a straight flush appears. You will need to consider your protective measures.
If you ever do a count of a pot then you will find that there is $100.

You and your opponent together will have chips worth $300.
Considering your opponent as donkey, you cannot detect what that crazy player has. This is not only about playing psychic poker, but instead its all about how you can change the odds of the situation in your favor.

Now lets take a look on some of the bet of varying sizes for your protection bet.
$20 Protection Bet

$20 as protection bet is considered as very weak, this is so because it gives the opponent the right odd and opponent can easily draw huge range of hands, you opponent will have a 6:1 ratio to call. The draw, which is a big mistake in this situation, is the gut shot, as here the probability of hitting the turn is 11:1. The important point here is that you yourself give a fair chance to your opponent for making mathematically correct decision, which will ultimately have an adverse effect on your game.

$50 Protection Bet
For the more standard gaming, you should opt for a making a protection bet of half size of the actual jackpot. Now, the proposition for calling between you are your opponent will be 3:1. While having a Flush Draw, his real odds will be 4.2:1 for making it by the turn. Instead, having an open ended straight draw, he will have 4.9:1 for making it by the turn. However, his decision of calling could be mathematically incorrect in both the cases, to fish for both the draws.

Another question comes about the implied odds. Our tell may direct our opponent to think that we have a big hand and he can consider it, even though there are incorrect pot odds for calling. In such a way, his implied odds will actually be $400 : $50 or 8 : 1. It includes the jackpot of $150 + $250 of the remaining stack: $50 for call. Through this, the opponent will get the positive implied odds i.e. correct to call. Now, the opponent becomes confident with numerous bluffing moves against us. He may probably be thinking that we will not be able to lay him down, even the turn hits by a straight or a flush. Hence, whatever pot odds are there with positive implied odds, there is nothing wrong for the opponent to call if there is a straight draw or flush with him.

$100 Protection Bet 

Any protection bet more then $50 gives the opponent a negative pot odds, so if you make protection bet equivalent to the pot size that Is $100 then you can change the odds of the opponent and he will now get 4:1 i.e. $400: $100. Here the opponent is getting negative odds on both straight draw and flush. The important thing that requires consideration here is that your opponent is having just one mathematically correct decision.

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