Galaxy Macau Casino – The Fabulous Gambling Establishment

Macau is trying to develop itself in an innovative manner so as to become a popular gambling destination. The major obstacle in the path of Macau is the annual gambling revenue; gambling revenue of Macau was almost negligible. However, after the launch of Galaxy Macau Casino the scene got completely changed. Galaxy Macau was a big casino worth almost $2billion. This casino incorporated some of the unique and outstanding features, which gives this casino a spectacular look.

Diamond Fountain
Diamonds are the best friend of girls but now it has also become a very good friend of galaxy Macau casino. To create an impressive and phenomenal look this casino has established a diamond fountain. Now the whole fountain is not made out of diamonds but instead a big diamond is attached to a chandelier, which ultimately creates a nice visual effect. Apart from this, a mini light enhances the look and beauty of diamond, by reflecting different colors off the big diamond.

Surf’s Up
The most interesting thing about this casino is that, this casino has an artificial beach that attracts the attention of most of the gamblers. This artificial beach gives a clear illusion of waves just as the real ocean, to give a more realistic look; a lifeguard is on duty al the time, until the beach remains open. Although its artificial but still it gives a very clam and relaxing feeling to the visitors visiting this casino. Another thing that adds to the glory of the casino is that this artificial beach is considered as the world’s largest rooftop pool at 4,000-square-feet.

Warm Welcoming
Galaxy Casino has given due consideration to every minute aspect of the casino, like the welcome style. Once the visitors take a pleasing view of the diamond fountain they are welcomes in a very special manner by the kimono-clad women, who are spread through the casino waiting for the people and greet them in a traditional Japanese style. This traditional style of warm welcome also attracts most of the visitors.

A Work of Art
Galaxy Casino has also spent a lot for giving the casino an artistic look; designers of Galaxy Casino have really worked hard and gave a spectacular sculptures look to this casino. You can find a number of excellent sculptures in the lobby area of the casino. The main reason behind building these sculptures is that, Macau people believe that much of the artwork is meant for good luck.

Drink Up
Galaxy Casino have a huge range of wine collection for their visitors, you will never find shortage of alcohol in this casino. In fact, this casino offers more then 100 different varieties of wine and for the people who prefer a harder drink then wine, for them the casino have Macallan bar. This bar offers almost all varieties of alcohol known to people.

Galaxy Macau Casino consist of 2,200 rooms, thus you will never face the trouble of shortage of rooms unless you visit the casino on a special Chinese holiday. The hotel is clearly divided in to two the Hotel Banyan Tree and Hotel Okura. Visitors mostly prefer Hotel Banyan Tree because this hotel rooms have temperature controlled pool for around 2-3 people.

Fine Dining
Along with drinks Galaxy Casino also serves wide range of food items to its visitors, Galaxy casino offer you almost everything. Some of the most popular restaurants are the Terrace restaurant, banyan café and Belon Oyster Bar.

Cotai Region
Galaxy Casino is located in the Cotai Region, this is the center place from which you can visit many other attractive locations like the City of Dreams, Macau Studio City, Wynn Cotai, Grand Waldo and so on.

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