Guidelines for Winning Online Keno

Players who are interest in playing lottery tickets and bingo games will surly love to play Keno. This is so because keno is a combination of lottery ticket game and bingo game. Here players need to select numbers between 1-80 and then if the same selected numbers are drawn by the casino, then players receive prizes. With the advancement in the gaming, technology online version of keno also came in to existence. So, to know in detail about online keno go through this article carefully as here we have discussed in detail about different aspects of online Keno.

Online Keno Basics
For playing online Keno, first of all you need a Keno card, on which numbers from1-80 is printed. Now choose the numbers from1-10, if your selected number is drawn out by the casino then you can win exciting prizes. Prize value or worth of prize depends on the following factors:
Bet size.
How many numbers have been chosen.
How many numbers are picked.

To understand this more clearly, lets assume that you bet $3 on a four-number card. Now you would receive the following amount of cash based on how many numbers hit:
matched numbers = no prize
2 matched numbers = $2
3 matched numbers = $6
4 matched numbers = $160

You must have understood that playing online Keno is not at all difficult and getting started is rather easier. Now are just required to select the numbers you wish to chose, for the players who become very confuse while selecting number and are unable to do the same, for them “Auto Select” option is offered. When you click on the “Auto Select” option, the software picks your number. Once you are done with selecting numbers the next step is to decide the amount you wish to wager and how many games in a row you wish to play with the selected numbers.

Differences between Online Keno and Land-based Keno
I you have already played Land-based keno then you will experience some of the very minor difference, while playing online Keno. Some of the basic differenced is regarding the physical actions, such as while playing land-based Keno you select the number on cards by using pen or pencil but here in online Keno you just click the desired numbers with your mouse and choose betting options.
The best part of playing online Keno is that the amount of waiting hours are significantly reduced; this is so because you are not required to wait in the keno lounge until numbers are drawn. In fact, as soon as you select number and place bet, most of the online casinos immediately draw the numbers. These minor difference that you can come across while playing land-based Keno and online Keno. Apart from these, you do not need to worry about anything else.

Online Keno Strategy
As far as Keno is concerned strategy does not play a very important role here because here in this game you just need to select numbers and then hope for the best. Still few things can help you to swing the odds in your favor.
Select Keno games that offer highest and frequent payouts, prefer playing online Keno over land-based Keno, as the operating cost is less in case of online Keno. Another thing that needs due consideration is proper Bankroll management, it is very important while you are playing Keno. Efficient management of Bankroll will help you to play larger number of games.
If you can follow these guidelines strictly then you can surely manage to extend your bankroll.

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