History of the Riverboat Gambling

U.S is well known to be in possession of the biggest and the most luxurious and lavish casino around the globe. However, the States also differentiate its gambling presence from their rivals in yet another interesting way– the riverboat gambling. As a matter of fact the US is known to have a deep history in the form of riverboat gambling which has a history which dates back two centuries. If you happen to be a lover of the gambling history, then you will be definitely enjoying this vision, which provides you with a clear perception of the riverboat gambling.

The Mississippi: An enticement for the proficient Gamblers:
The initial days of the riverboat gambling have its roots, which date back to the 19th century as, and when the Mississippi River was well known for the trading and was always bustled with the traders.

As the water transport played a significant role in the trading scene of US during the particular period, several of the wealthy traders navigated all through the Mississippi River.  And witnessing the tiresome and the lengthy journey from one to the other of the Mississippi river gambling became a favorite and the most proffered pastime for the traders. It was not long prior, to which the expert gamblers well known as cheaters managed to make their way at the riverboats in Mississippi. 

In next to no time the riverboat gambling was flourishing as the card games and the other usual games of opportunity were ordinary among the traders and the pro gamblers. 

However, several of the rich traders started catching the cheats on the card games and it was not long prior to the people started taking the cheating matters at their own hands. In the year 1835, 5 of the gamblers were hung just for cheating at a card game; the professional in the field took this message seriously and soon the riverboat gambling started fading. Definitely, there was the riverboat gambling, but not at the same terms that it was used to prior.

The Civil War at America broke in 1861, and the riverboats had several restrictions on traveling and were not able to travel as it used to on the Mississippi River or other rivers for this matter. After the war the riverboat gambling, vanished leaving just scatters here and there.

The Birth of the Riverboat Casinos
US is not a tolerant country as and when the term gambling comes into picture. Majority of their gambling which is land based is done in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and a few selected cities, and the Indian reservations. So when Iowa, a very small state was opting for a means to offer the legal gambling in order to collect more tax revenue, the present situation then looked utterly hopeless which was to say till the state discovered the riverboat gambling.

The lawmakers in Iowa found out that if the casinos were to be housed at the riverboats, they can lawfully operate till the boats sailed at the river. This was just the loophole which Iowa had been looking for and which enabled them to offer the US with the first ever riverboat casino. However, soon after this discovery of Iowa other states such as the Illinois, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and the Massachusetts, had started with their own riverboat casinos.

Nowadays the laws since the last 2 decades are considerably loose as far as riverboat gambling is concerned. Now the riverboats even do not require leaving the docks and they can be put on stilts, which even will be retaining their legality.

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