American Roulette One of Most Popular Version of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The term Roulette is derived from a French word, which means small wheels and American roulette is a version of roulette game. American roulette is an exciting game, which can be enjoyed over the internet. Rules and regulations of American roulette is the same as in the game played in the casinos of Las Vegas or any other gambling destination.

Online gaming is becoming extremely popular now a day because you can enjoy these games in your convenient hours along with homely comfort. Playing online roulette in very easy you just need to place your bet and then enjoy the thrill when animated green balls spins over all the numbers and finally rest on a number, which can either make you winner or loser.

As you will start your game, you will see a roulette wheel having numbered pockets ranging from 00 to 36. Now first thing that you need to do is select any number from 00 to 36 and place your desired bet by clicking on the coin saying "increase or decrease" your bet. After deciding the amount, you can fix your bet on the virtual table. After your bet is fixed click on play button and then boll will start rolling. Soon the boll will stop randomly on a number pocket, if its the same number, which you have selected and wagered on then you are the fortunate player to win huge amount, or else try your luck another time.

How to Win At American Roulette
Winning amount depends mainly on two factors, first is how much you have wagered and second what type of bet you have placed. There are various types of bets, broadly we can classify bet in two types; Inside bets and Outside bets.

Inside bets are generally placed on the interior of the table. Inside bet comprise of straight up bet, split bet, street bet and square bet. In straight up bet you just need to select any number from 1 t0 36 and place on that number. If the ball lands there, you win and the amount of winning is calculated as $36 for every dollar bet.

Second is the split bet, here you need to place bet on the line between two numbers. You have twice as much chance of winning since you win if either of the two numbers adjacent to your bet comes up. The amount of winning in split bet is calculated as $16 for every dollar bet.

Next is the street bet, here you have to bet on a street of three numbers. The winning amount here is $10 for every $1 bet. The gamblers frequently play this type of bet because here the chance of winning is three times more then the straight up bet.
Finally is the square bet, the name itself is self-explanatory you need to place bet in the middle of a square of four numbers and the winning here is $8 for every $1 bet.

Outside bets are generally placed on the outside of a roulette table. Outside bet comprise of column bet, dozen bet and money bet. In case of column bet, a column contains one-third the numbers on the board and the payout here is 2:1. Second is the dozen bet, all 36 numbers present on the roulette wheels are divided in to three equal parts having 12 numbers each, now you have to place bet on any of these three sections i.e. First 12, Second 12 or Third 12. Last is the Money bet, where the table is broadly divided in two equal sections and you have to place bet any one of the two sections.

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