Mistakes Committed By Video Poker Players

Video poker is one of the most popular casino game among gamblers but some people make consistent mistake and reduce its worth from video poker to just a slots game. There are veracious common mistakes that online players do while playing video poker and as a result, they sit in front of the machine and dump their money. Here in this article we have discussed in detail about some of the commonly done video poker mistakes.

Betting less then Five Coins
The first and most common mistake done by players is that, players are well aware that royal flush payouts in video poker is very big for five coins instead of one, two, three or four coins. In fact, some of the royal flush pays off 250 coins for 1 coin bet, five hundred coins on 2 coin bet, 0seven hundred and fifty for 3 coin and almost one thousand coins for 4 coins bet. On the contrary, this machine payoff more then four thousand coins that is 4 times when you wager 5 coins.

Form this, its clear that five you wager 5 coins then you have the chance to receive proportionally larger payouts then by wagering less then 5 coins. In sort, betting 5 coins increases return from the game as well as decrease the house edge. Still there are people who mostly wager 2, 3 or 4 coins.

Not Joining the Slot Club
Second mistake is regarding the slot club. Almost all the casinos whether online or land-based have some sort of slot club. This club award cash back for playing slot machines and video poker. The cash back may range from 0.25% to 1.25%.
People are least interested to join this slot club because this does not sounds very interesting, but think about the extreme low house edge in video poker game, here even slight point variation can make the difference between a winning machine and a losing machine. There is no entry free for joining this slot club so make sure that you get your card before playing.

Using Incorrect Strategy
This is the most common mistake, which is frequently done by the players and that is playing wrong strategy while playing. Players are unaware of the fact that by applying a slightly different strategy they can face 1-2% loss in maximum payout percentage. And in case you are applying a strategy that is completely different from the game then you can face more then 5% loss in maximum payout percentage.

There are various sites available online, from where players can search the best strategy for the video poker game they are playing. All you have to do is read those strategy and if required you can take out print out of it so that you can refer it while playing online. By doing this you can surely turn the game in your favor.

Not Bankrolling Properly
Another very common mistake done mostly by novice players is the improper management of Bankroll. If you do not have sufficient amount of money to play then its no use playing video poker game. Efficient Bankroll management is necessary while playing video poker game. Its rightly said that a good video poker player is an efficiently manage bankroll as well and same is the vice versa.

Last mistake is regarding focus of player, most of the time players loose their focus from the game, concentrate on cute girls in short skirt offering him free cocktail or other drinks, and sometime they focus more on other players playing on other table. Losing focus while playing can have adverse effect on your game. So try your best to focus only on your game while playing. Players playing online comparatively less commit these mistakes.

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