Punto Banco is the first game to be offered in the Live Dealer format

Online casino players are blessed with an exciting gift in the form of live dealer baccarat. With huge advancement in online gaming sector, players now have the opportunity to enjoy the interesting virtual casino experience. Baccarat was the first game to be offered in the Live Dealer format. Although baccarat may sounds very complicated but its not so difficult game. By learning some simple and basic steps, you can play baccarat. However, just like any other games, knowledge of odds as well as rules of the game are must before you try this game. So read the rules and other important aspects of the games very clearly.

Baccarat is a very attractive and interesting game. Now as high level of betting is associated with this game so, it often dubbed the high roller’s game. The best part of this card game is that here wide range of betting options are available. This is the reason that this game has become favorite of almost every new online casino player.

Playing the Game is a Snap
Now as far as the term bust is concerned, Baccarat is unique in itself and is different from other games like Blackjack and all. Here even if player don’t go bust by cross the limit nine. When you play Punto Banco, the casino is responsible for banking the game at all times. Players as well as banker both are paid as per the predefined system of drawing rules.

Now the question that must be arising in your mind would be, what is Punto Banco? Punto Banco is nothing but another name of Baccarat. Many casinos in South America and Europe call Baccarat as Punto Banco. “Punto” means "Player", while "Banco" means "Bank". As this online live dealer, game allows to place bet on either players hand or bankers hand, as these two terms are Punto Banco, so the name Punto Banco came in to existence. Live Dealer in this online game help player by answering their question and satisfying their queries related to the game.

The Rules of Live Dealer Baccarat
Baccarat is a game where winning depends on luck but it does not mean that you cannot pay your effort in the game to turn it in your favor. You have to decide the winning hand and then place your bet accordingly. If you are playing online Baccarat then you just need to click on the desired option to place bet. Select which hand you wish to play, the player or bank.

You need to select any one of them because you cannot play with both the hands at the same time. If your selected hand wins ten you will receive 1to 1 payoff. Tie bets i.e. betting on tie situation is also possible here and in case you are fortunate, enough to win the tie bet then you can receive an 8 to 1 payoff if this comes good for you.

The Live Dealer Experience – Getting Started
Both the hands that are players’ and Bank will receive two cards. As per the rules of the game, additional cards can also be taken. The main aim of the game is to score nine points or close to nine points. The rules stipulate that all the royals have a 0 value. The ace is 1 and the nominal value of cards 2 thru 9 are as is. Now the important thing that must be given due consideration is that any value over and above 9 simply has 10 subtracted to get its actual value. Here ties are also possible.

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