Various Exciting Amendments In The Video Poker

Video Poker is a casino game similar to poker because here players can ask to replace his cards from the dealt hand. The only difference is that in Video Poker the final hand is not compared with other players hand but instead is compared against the payout table. This online game is a combination of poker and slots game (three-part poker and one-part slots). Video poker is played on a computerized console, which is quite similar in size with the slots machine. In this game winning depends on the skill and expertise knowledge on the part of the players.

Video poker is a very challenging and exciting game for recreational players as well as for those players who are looking to gain an advantage over the casinos. Along with strategy, selecting liberal table is also very important in video poker game. If you are playing with the most appropriate strategy on liberal table, then you can make your video poker gaming experience the most memorable one.

Video poker is not new to gamblers, its their in the gambling industry from past many years, however various amendments have made in the game with the purpose of making the game more exciting. The video poker game that was launched first was the Jacks or Better, where payout started with the pair of jacks. After that, a number of variations took place; the first among them was the introduction of wild card. Slots players must be well familiar with the term wild card.

Next variation was the multi hand video poker game; this game was introduced so that players can enjoy multiple hands at a time. The main aim behind introduction of this new video poker version was to allow faster wagering by eradicating various time consuming steps that were required to start each new hand. Microgaming, one of the leading online gaming software providers called its multi hand video poker game as power poker and offered different games for different number of hands.
Progressive jackpot games are very interesting as well as very popular in online casinos; this is the reason why progressive jackpot is introduced in video poker game. Players hit the progressive jackpot only if they manage to get natural royal flush with five coins wagered.

All the online gaming software providers try to add some innovative feature in their video poker game so that their games can be differentiated from others. In this new version of poker game, the cards, which are replaced by the players are completely discarded from that particular game and is not dealt again. Cryptologic, the online casino software provider, in order to give a differentiated look to its game, has made variation in this rule. They offer a game known as Bonus Video Poker, where the replaced cards are not discarded from the game, but instead if those cards are dealt again then the player receive bonus payout.

The most thrilling and innovative variation was made by the Microgaming in its Level Up video poker games. Here players need to wager on four video poker hands representing four levels up front. If the player win then he can play the next higher level, but in case he loose then he is not allowed to play the remaining higher levels. The lost amount is then compensated by providing doubled payouts at each successive higher level. Same video poker is followed by Vegas technology also. Reel Play Poker is the new video poker format released by Microgaming. This process is quite similar to the multi hand poker game.

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