Playtech Tweaked the Themes of Scratch Cards to Make It More Interesting

Scratch card game is a very simple and interesting game; it is played with the help of scratch cards. A scratch card is a token or ticket made up of cardboard. This card contains concealed information at one or more areas. These concealed areas have certain hidden information in the form of numbers or symbols. This secrete information is covered by a substance that cannot be seen through, but can be scratched off. Now, if the numbers or symbols present in your cards matches with the number or symbols revealed then depending on the multiplier associated, you will receive the payout. Scratch card games can be played online as well as in brick and mortal casino.

Playtech, one of the leading online gaming software providers have wide range of online scratch card games. Playtech has fine-tuned the theme of this new game for making scratch card game more interesting. Playtech offers various versions of Scratch card game by combining the normal scratch card game with other casino games.

First is the Beetle Bingo, which is based on Bingo, is a very interesting game. Here Bingo bolls are replaced with colored beetles and each beetle has a number marked on its back. All these beetles are packed in a closed jar. Now as the game begins, players shake the jar containing beetles and then open the lid of the jar so that beetles can come out. At a time, 15 beetles crawl out of the jar and line up with the numbers displayed on their back. Here scratch card is enclosed with three leaves and players need to remove each leave to revel the 3 sets of 5 numbers with a payout. If all the number in one set matches with the numbers on beetles back then, you will receive the indicated payout. Their is another more exciting way of playing Beetles bingo. In this first click on the scratch all option, so that all the numbers are reveled in front of you. Then beetles come out of the jar one by one, this makes the more interesting by maintaining the suspense for a longer time.

Next Playtech have the Blackjack theme scratch card game. In the game of Blackjack game, players need to beat dealer with just two cards. There are three spots for the player's cards and one for the dealer. Out of the three in each spot, one card is dealt face up and one card face down. As the player scratches the face down cards, they are exposed along with the payouts. Then finally, the dealer hand is exposed, and then hand having the bigger value wins the payouts.

Playetch also have scratch card game based on classic slot theme, specifically the classic 3-reel slot machines. Common fruits symbol along with other symbols like seven, bells and bars are present on the reels. Now when the slots machine is scratched 3 symbols appear on the payline, in case all the three symbols on the slots machines are identical then player receives the payouts.

Last but not the least, roulette based scratch card games are also offered with Playtech. This game is the simplest of all others. In all there are 5 games in the scratch card. Players are required to scratch each game to revel the number as well as the payouts. Then they need to scratch the roulette wheel to find out number on which ball as pointed. If the number on the roulette wheel matches with your card number then you will receive the payouts.

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