Comparison between Traditional Bingo and Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the highly acknowledged games in the industry and is admired by many. In due course of time, it has gathered huge appreciation on the part of players and today, there are countless number of players who are enjoying this fabulous game, both online as well as offline. The popularity of bingo game can be estimated by the fact that, one of the U.K.’s leading bingo operators, Gala Bingo has almost 175 clubs and has employed more then 17,000 workers for serving their members. Membership of Gala Bingo has crossed 5 million.

Most of the Bingo players play this game for grabbing the opportunity of winning huge prizes by wagering low amount. Some play just for the sake of fun and some enjoy the social aspect of this game. Although their has been continuous grown in the game, but along with that it is moving away from Live bingo to the online version available on internet. This conversion may have adverse affect on the land-based bingo as the possibility of loosing Bingo traditions are there.

Even though the online bingo and traditional bingo are technically the same, yet there are many differences between the two. All the pros and cons of both brick and mortal bingo and online bingo have been discussed in detail in this article. Now you need to decide with the best option for you. Brick and mortal Bingo halls, have developed some rituals like using dark colored marker for making the numbers on the tickets, these markers are known as “dabbers” or “daubers”. Some of the bingo fans carry a kit containing various color markers, even some with florescent ink. On the contrary, as far as online bingo is concerned dabbers are of no use because computer system automatically track number and marks the ticket.

If we consider the ninety-ball bingo game, the game is made more interesting my allotting a nickname to all the numbers, so instead of calling the number they call these names. Calling the nicknames is very popular at resorts and it is slightly fading in money-focused play and as far as internet is concerned its completely vanished.

When you are enjoying bingo in cyberspace, you will not find anyone shouting “Line,” or “House,” or “Bingo,” players generally scream when they catch out a winning number. Their will be complete silence in the room where you will play the game. No one will come forward to congratulate you, to share your happiness, to give you a hug, no clapping of hands.

Above all the best part of land-based bingo hall is its payouts. Payouts are all made in hard currency, and even the mechanized 80-ball version of the game uses coin slots. Whereas, in case of online bingo, if you win the game then payouts are credited to your account electronically, thus the joy of receiving hard cash in hand is missing here.

In the year 2007, keeping in mind the health of the people, a law was passed as per which smoking in bingo halls was strictly prohibited. However, this law was not that successful because players then preferred to play bongo online where nobody is there to stop them from smoking. Later the players also found a way to bring the social aspect of bingo in online version as well. This was possible with the help of technology function known as “Chat”.

Now a days almost all the Bingo sites offer chat room option were players can chat with other players, they can ask question, crack jokes and so on.

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