Three Card Blackjack combination of Blackjack and Three-Card Poker

The term Blackjack is not new to gamblers, this game exists since years. For making, this game more interesting various amendments have made in it. Thus, various version of Blackjack came in to existence. Among one is the Three Card Blackjack, this game is a combination of traditional blackjack and three card poker. The basic concept of this game is similar to blackjack, where you need to beat the dealer by making a hand close to 21 without going over. The major difference between this version of blackjack and the regular blackjack game is in terms of bonus bet and lack of options. Here when players wish to place bonus bet then, they need to bet on three-card poker hand as well as the blackjack hand. Therefore, here there are various winning possibilities such as, player may win both the hands or may lose one while win other hand and so on. Players do not have any option available by which they can reduce the house edge and the bonus bet also cost very high as compared to its worth. Still players love to enjoy this game.

How to Play Three Card Blackjack
Rules of the game
Three-card blackjack is a game played with single deck of 52 playing cards. Players need to place bet in circle including the dealers. Each player along with the dealer receives three cards each. After this, players need to make their best hand by using two of the three cards available to them. In three-card blackjack, players do not have the option of splitting or hitting and instead they just need to raise their bet. Players have to play with the cards they have received.

Winning in Three Card Blackjack
As soon as the player has seen all his cards, he has to decide whether he wants to continue the game with these cards or want to fold his hand. If the player wishes to continue then, they have to place another bet, which is equal to the anti bet against the dealer. On the contrary, if the player decides to folds then all his bets are lost. Player and dealer then revel their hands to one another.

Payouts and Outcomes for the Dealer and Player
Its very essential for the dealer to qualify first for the player to play his three cards and blackjack hand against the dealer. Now dealers can qualify only when he manages to have blackjack hand equal to or more then eighteen. In case dealer fails to qualify then, the anti bet will pay even money i.e. 1:1 and the raise bet is a push. If the player has a blackjack, then the player wins the game irrespective of the dealer's hand or dealer’s qualification. Now the payout for player will be 1:1 for raised bet and 1:1 for ante bet. Now if the dealer qualifies then the best hand wins. If the players beats the dealer in blackjack, then the players receives 1:1 on ante bet and 1:1 in raise bet. If dealer beats the player, then unfortunately players looses both the bets (anti as well as raise).

Betting on Three Card
Earlier we have discussed about the bonus bet. After bonus bet, the three-card comes in to action. Now before placing bets players need to decide whether they wish to place bet on the Ace Plus Bonus bet. Generally, Ace Plus Bonus bet is a side bet, which ultimately gives the opportunity to bet on the result of their cards. Thus, just give a try to this exciting three-card Blackjack game.

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