Various Features of Online American Roulette

Roulette is a very well known casino game; the name roulette has been derived from a French word, which means little wheels. Roulette is played with the help of a wheel, within which numbers are printed. In the due course of time, various new and exciting version of roulette came into existence. Among them, one is American roulette.

American roulette is one of the most popular versions of roulette among gambler. This exciting roulette game is offered by Playtech, which is one of the leading online casino software providers. The main objective of this game is to predict, on which number the ball will come to rest in the roulette. Generally, in roulette wheel number from 0-39 are printed but in case of American roulette wheel has 38 numbers including 0 and 00. American roulette can be enjoyed in online version as well as brick and mortal one.

In online American roulette, as soon as you sign in to your favorite online casino site and select to play American roulette, then immediately at the center of screen the wheel appears. Players bankroll or balance is displayed in the bottom (left corner) and the chips, which are used for wagering is placed on the right side of screen. Wagering range from 1 to 100. Close op of the wheel can be seen at the top left of the screen. The major advantage that a player have while player online American roulette is that, player can see the credit on the screen and can take the wagering decision according, whereas in case of American roulette players in brick and mortal casino no such facility is provided.

If you are having any confusion regarding the rules of the game, procedure and the payout table or any other, then you can click on the Help button present in the top right hand corner. Other then this option button is available in the bottom toolbar. This option button includes options such as enabling or disabling sound while playing the game or adjusting the volume of sound, full screen option is available, in case you do not like animation then you can disable that as well. However, remember that the speed of the game cannot be altered.

While playing roulette player first need to decide the number on which he wishes to place bet, after that he have to decide the amount he wishes to wager, then fix it by clicking on the appropriate area on the roulette payout. Using the Clear button all chips can be easily cleared in a moment. After the bet is placed player click on the spin button, as to set the wheel in motion. As the wheel start spinning, the ball also moves inside it and when the wheel comes to rest ball rest on a particular number, which is random. Now if the ball pints the same number which you have selected and placed bet on then you will receive a huge payout depending on the amount wagered.

Now if you wish to continue with the same bet then click on the Rebet button and the same bet will placed again and in case player wish to place a different bet then simple click on the clear button so that all the earlier bets are cleared and then place your desired bet.

The basic format of playing American roulette is same in both online version as well as the one played in brick and mortal casino. However, the features and the convenience level differ. Therefore, try both the exciting version of American roulette game.

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