How to Win Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker, as the name suggests its a version of poker game. This casino game is quite similar in rules with the five-card stud poker. Difference between traditional poker game and Caribbean stud poker game is that Caribbean poker is played against the house and traditional poker is played against another player. There is no bluffing element involved in this game. Caribbean stud poker is increasingly becoming very popular among gamblers.

Here in this article we have discussed in detail some of the tips as well as tricks that will surely help you to turn the game in your favor while plying Caribbean stud poker game.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy that is being followed in Caribbean poker is to Raise on A-K-J-8-3 or better and Fold otherwise. This is known as "beacon hand" and it is considered as the lowest break-even hand in this game. Although this will not help you to gain more profit, but it will surely help you to minimize your losses. Winning depends on your playing hands, a pair or better. The most annoying thing about this game is that dealers need to qualify so as to get the real payoffs and these situations comes very rarely in the Caribbean Poker game.
If you will study this strategy very deeply then you will come to know that there are many variations that can be made in this strategy, which can ultimately save your house edge by teeny amounts.

Playing Strategy

Immediately fold your hand if you have less then Ace or King.
Make a call bet if you have least one Ace or King and the other quite similar to dealer’s face card or you have at least any pair or higher. While playing Caribbean Stud Poker make sure that you play it very smartly, do not try to bluff with weak hands, simply fold your hands if you have low pair, Make progressive jackpot bet only after knowing that the amount of jackpot justifies it.

Playing Options

Players are fair opportunity for playing the progressive jackpot. For participating in the progressive jackpot players, need to place an additional side bet of almost 1 dollar at the outset of the game. Despite of the result of the regular table game, in case player has a hand by which he ahs qualified the progressive jackpot, then the player will receive the jackpot amount, which is pre-decided. Other then these there are many other rewards that are given to players such as the 100% of the pot for a royal flush, full house, 10% of the pot for a straight flush and many more. The amount of these rewards varies form casino to casino.

Mistakes Players Make

Mistakes are the investable part of any casino game. As far as Caribbean Stud is concerned there are two types of mistakes that are very frequently undertaken by players. First mistake is player fold their hands if having smaller pair. Actually, never fold your hand if you are having small pairs. You will be dealt a pair about 42% of the times and you will win more in the end by making the call bet rather than to fold your hand. Second mistake is player try to bluff their dealer, which does not work in Caribbean Stud Poker. Never try to bluff the dealer. Some people have a misconception that they can win more hands just by making the call bet by having weak hands. So, try to avoid these two mistakes.

Applying these tips and tricks while Caribbean Stud Poker will surely help you to turn the game in your favor.

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