Is The Concept of Loose Slots a Myth?

Gamblers who are interested in spending much time in the online gambling world must of familiar with the ad like the following:
We have the loosest slots anywhere!

The main reason behind this is that casino wants to show that how their slots machines offers frequent and biggest payouts as compared to their competitors in the gambling world. These types of advertisement is very helpful for slots players as they are always looking for slots machine that gives higher payout and fair chances of wining the game. On the other hand, there are some people who believe that these ad are baseless. This creates a state of confusion in any players mind. In this article, we have discussed various aspects of the casinos who claim that they have extremely loose slots. Therefore, go through this article carefully for resolving your confuse.

Can you measure the Loosest Slots?
The first thing that you need to consider is that, is their any true measuring factor, which can measure the loose slots. The fact is, there is no measuring device or rating system that can judge the loose slots. Therefore, casinos who claim that they have loose slots generally do not have any proof to justify their statement.

However this does not mean that all the casinos who say they have loose slots are all lying. There are various other factors that a players can consider while p[laying slots gamer, some of these established measures of slots game are:

Payout Percentage and Frequency
Payout percentage and frequency of payouts are the finest method for measuring the worth of any slots machine. For instance, if you find a slots machine having almost 95 of payout percentage then you would surely love to enjoy this slots game, on the contrary if you find a slots game having payout percentage less then 70% then you will not find that slots game more interesting.
Similarly, you also need to consider the amount of money needed to be wagered on each spin along with the highest payout percentage. For instance, you are playing on a slots machine having 98% as the payout percentage but you have to wager minimum $1 for each spin. Therefore, you need to have a big bankroll for enjoying such type of slots game.

Now, after payout percentage, lets take a look on another very important aspect of the topic and that is payout frequency. Payout frequency means that how often the slots machine makes payouts. Payout percentage can be estimated with the help of payout frequency. If you do not have a clear idea about the actual measure of payout percentage then the best idea is to take a look at the smaller payouts offered by the slots machine. Its like higher the number of smaller payouts more will be the payout frequency.

Loose Slots Myths
There is huge number of myths reading the Loose Slots and if you are not aware of that then it can cause adverse effect on your bankroll playing slots.

Loose slots are located in specific areas –
A very popular myth regarding loose slots is that land-based casino keeps such slots machines in certain dark areas so that it is not clearly visible to slots players. But, the fact is that most of the players are aware of this fact so casino do not take risk by doing the same.

Casinos can change the payout percentages of loose slots –
Another very poplar myth is that most of the players believe that casino have control on the payout percentage of the slots machine and so they can change its payout percentage as per there convenience.

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