Comparison between Las Vegas and Macau

Most of the popular gambling establishments in Las Vegas and Macau have various similarities. However, the differentiating factor between the two is their performances. On one hand, we have Sin City on the North American continent, this is a unique palace of casino gaming establishment were gamblers fulfill their gaming desires. On the other hand, we have Las Vegas, gamblers consider this place as the home of gambling this is so because this place is stuffed with some of the legendary casino games that gamblers love to enjoy. As far as gambling is concerned, Las Vegas as unbeatable reputation and this seems to be continued in future as well.

Now lets take a look on another up-and-coming gambling power center, Macau. Thousands of miles away from Las Vega, in the heart of Asian is Macau. This region has shown unexpected economic growth. China, Singapore and Asian tigers of Hong Kong of Hong Kong have shown stiff competition along with outstanding productivity, pace and prosperity, all these have resulted in brining this astonishing economic growth. When you look at two regions that is Las Vegas and Macau you will not find any difference between the two, but when you will consider these two regions deeply then you can very clearly understand in terms of performance, there exists huge difference between them.

How Las Vegas Shapes Up
Official records having information about casino gaming revenue revels that in February 2011, gambling revenue of Las Vegas has dropped by 9.6%. This is the 4th straight monthly decline. This situation occurred because of the challenges Las Vegas has faced from Americans. Gambling sector has been though a tough time with lot of unemployment, insecurity in the jobs market and above all the hopeless comments on gambling industry from prominent politicians. Analysts have estimated that gambling revenue during 2010-2011 has severely dropped from $568 million to $513 million. Along with this, if we consider wagering then you will be shocked to know that wagering on casino games has dropped by 6.3% during January and February in 2011 as compared to previous year.

After discussing about so many negative conditions, which Las Vegas gaming industry has been through lets freshen up our mood by discussing about a good news, which top 4 heavy hitters in Caesars, Las Vegas Sands MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts, has reveled. All of them strongly believe that hard time has passed away and now good times are about to come. If you consider Nevada, then you will come to know that total casino gaming revenues has felled to around seven hundred and seventy million dollars .During 2010, around thirty-seven million people have visited this city.

Macau Rallies on Strong Economic Growth in the Region
Macau is completely powered by Asian casino gaming realm. It is not wrong to say that this entire region depends solely on casino gaming, in fact around forty percent of the Macau’s GDP comprise of gambling revenue only. Through 90s this percentage remained same, in the year 1998 this percentage was even raised to 44.5%, that is 44.5% of total government revenue include of tax amount generated from casino gaming activities.

In the year 2002, Galaxy Casino and Wynn has expanded the gambling market giving, which ultimately raised competition as well as tax revenues. As Macau’s neighbors are also highly interested in gaming industry, thus gaming industry will continue to offer big returns to this nation. Therefore, now you must have very well understood the difference between these two major gambling regions.

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