European Roulette Casino tips for playing Roulette

This is true that the game of Roulette is totally based on luck and not on strategies like the other card games available in the casino. But, if any player enters in to the casino hall with this mentality, certainly he or she will loose the game. This is because some of the tips and suggestions will really help the players to win the Roulette game many times as possible. There are seven tips given by the Top European Roulette Casino Gaming, which will increase the chances of getting win in the Roulette casino.

Always prefer European Roulette

This is because the European Roulette game offers a better chance of getting money than the American roulette game.

Never prefer Long Shot Bets with Smaller Bankroll

This is really funny to place wide variety of roulette bets for getting higher payouts, but the real thing is that most roulette players don’t give whole lot of money for playing the game. So, this has been rightly said that the people having smaller bankrolls should avoid betting on the long shots with a single number. The reason behind this is that, waiting for winning these bets may cause to lose the bankrolls and so on loosing the bankroll, the player could not able to play for the higher payouts. Therefore, players must make even money bets such as red/black, odd/even and high/low.

Precaution against Negative Progression Systems

This is the most popular game, famous for having negative progression systems during the game. This is because; the players have to increase their bets after suffering loss in the game. The negative progression systems are very risky because the players have to pay more money after already loosing a major portion of their money.

Be cautious about Odds and Payouts

The interesting and the good point about the Roulette game is that the house edge is more or less same on every bet so here depending upon the wagers; the advantage of casino rising and falling is not important thing to worry about. But, the point that the player should take under consideration is the different odds and payouts for the bets of the Roulette game. If the player is not aware of the odds and payouts in the game, so he/she should refer the basics of the game before entering in the casino hall.

Avoid Mini Roulette Games

Mini Roulette games although, are very funny to play and give some variety to the players in the game but, this features 13 members in which one is zero. As compared to this, European Roulette Game features 37 members along with one of them is zero.

Do not go for Top Line Bets of the Game

Already this is mentioned in the 1st tip that the players should prefer playing the European Roulette, but still if some of the players want to play the American Roulette they should definitely avoids the top line bet.

Fix the Limits on Wins and Losses

This is also one interesting point to be taken under consideration along with the above necessary tips given for playing the Roulette game. The players should set the limits of their winnings and losses in the game before entering the casino hall. For the winning limit, if the bankroll of the player is increased by 30-40%, he/she should stop playing the Roulette game. Also for the losing limit, if the player loses 25-30% of bankroll, this will be the right time for him to quit from the game so that the entire bankroll can not be lost in one game.
By following all of these tips, we can be a successful Roulette player.

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