Enjoy Online Arcade Game Which Is Powered By Playtech

There are various simple games, which we have enjoyed in our childhood. Among them, coins tossing and correctly calling the head or tail option are the common one. Another one is the two-player game like rock, paper ad scissors. Playtech, who is one of the popular online casino software developers, has taken these two simple games as the basis and by giving little-bit modification, has converted them into fixed odd arcade games.

Details about Heads or Tails arcade game

Heads or Tails title is given to the tossing of coins game developed by Playtech software developer. The simplest format of playing is to play by selecting 1 coin to play and Flip 1x. This game has multiple wagering options thus players having different wagering capability can enjoy this game. Wagering here starts from just $0.10 and moves to the maximum $100, After that the players needs to selects any one outcome and then flip the coins. To give a realistic view to all these events, three players are shown on the table having beer and watching all the procedures. Now if the player guessed the right coin among the head and tail, he will receive the payout of 1.9 times of his bet. The Head and Tail game can be made more challenging and lot of excitement by flipping the single coin for more than one time. The player will get a very good amount every time when he or she guesses the right coin on each flip.

2 coins version

The software developer Playtech has also introduced the most challenging version of 2 coin playing option. In this game, two coins are tossed simultaneously and thus the players can choose either both the heads, both the tails or one head and one tail. Since the condition of both heads and both tails do not occur frequently, so they have large payouts. For the Flip 1x option, the payouts for one head and one tail are 1.9 times and for both the heads and both the tails is 3.8times of the bet applied by the players. This means that on getting either two heads or two tails, the payout simply gets doubled as compared to payouts in case of one head and one tail. The Flip 2x and Flip 3x can also be used for 2 coins play option game.

About Rock, Paper and Scissors game

Rock, Paper and Scissors game, is the second arcade game by the Playtech. Here also the minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum is $100. Here the player has to choose among the three things that is rock, paper and scissors. The player has to choose one of the symbols among these from the animated bout and simultaneously the opponent player will also confirm his own choice. If both the players select the same symbol, the bet goes off. Otherwise the win and lose depends upon the basics that rock beats the scissors, scissors beat the paper and the paper beats the rock. In this game also, the single event bet gives the payout of 1.9times for winning the game. Also the single event bet is the simplest bet that can be applied in the game. The players can also have winning streak for 2, 3 and 4 outcomes. The payout for the 2-streak outcome is 8.7times, for 3 streak outcome is 26 times and for 4 streak outcome is 78 times of the bet of the player. So, what are you waiting for try this exciting and simple Playtech powered game today.

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