Methods of overcoming Conflicting Hands

Conflicting hands are the expressions, which are used to describe the situations of the players in playing the video poker game when they are not sure about, which set of cards they have to hold and which they have to discard, when they have more than one possible combination of cards. The behind this is the complex nature of the conflicting hands. By rejecting some of the cards, there becomes the possibility of getting win from one set of cards where as by rejecting some other cards, there comes the possibility of winning from other set of cards.

Also winning and payout probabilities, in case of conflict hands create confusion in the minds of the players for selecting the appropriate sets of cards. This is because in some cases, selection of one group of cards indicates the probability of getting wins in the game is higher, whereas the payouts in the game are low. On the other hand, selection of other group may increase the probability of getting higher payouts but will decrease the probability of getting wins in the game. However, the players having the good knowledge of mathematics have suggested that expectations for all the possibilities must be calculated and the alternative offering the highest expectations should be followed by the players. But, this is practically not possible.

Types of Conflicting Hands and methods of overcoming it

Although the conflicting hands are of complex nature, but they are not in large number so it is very easy to remember what should be done in each of the cases of conflicting hands. Some of these are described below:

Choice of highest winning point

The simplest of all conflicting hand occurs, when the player is holding the cards for winning, but there exist the possibility of getting the highest among them by rejecting some of his cards. In this case, the fundamental rule describes that player should never break the winning combination of dealt cards except when they have three to four cards to royal flush.

Choosing among straight flush, straight or flush

The choice among a straight flush, a straight and a flush depends upon the dealt cards of the players. When the player has four dealt cards of the flush, instead of four cards of the straight flush, the players should select the flush cards by discarding the low pair cards with them. On the other hand, when dealt hand has four cards to straight flush, the player should keep the lower pair and discard the remaining cards.

Straight or flush selection

If the player has four cards to straight and four cards to flush simultaneously, the optimum strategy here will be to select the flush.

Conflict between straight flush and outside/inside straight

In case, in the game, the player contains three cards to straight flush and four cards to outside straight, the optimum strategy suggests that the player should choose all the four cards of the outside straight and should not try for the straight flush.

On the other hand, if the conflict is between the four cards of the inside straight and three cards of the straight flush, the player, as per the optimum strategy should select the straight flush and should not go for inside straight at this time.

The main reason behind this is that, the outside straight of any two ranks can complete the straight, but on the other hand, inside straight of only one rank can complete the straight.


Thus, by choosing the appropriate strategy, the players can eliminate the confusions regarding selection of the combination of cards and hence overcome the problem of conflicting hands.

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