Enjoy Hexaline and Triangulation Game by Microgaming Software

Instant play Flash software provided by the Microgaming Software providers are now become more popular than the download software provided by them. So, Microgaming Softwares are now giving more stress on developing new casino games based on instant play software that are not available in the developing software. Normally, in any of the online slot games, players are required to match the symbols in paylines, which are arranged in rectangular grids of rows and reels. However, the two newly released games by the Microgaming software possess different features than the normal slot games. Here rows and reels are arranged in the form of hexagonal and triangular grids, instead of arranging in rectangular grids as in case of other slot games.

Hexaline Game launched by Microgaming Software

Hexaline is the name of the game that is released by Microgaming software since last month. This game is having hexagonal structure where the grids of the Hexaline game are arranged in 5 columns, which contain 5 and 3 hexagons arranged in alternate order.

The symbols in the game are in hexagonal shape of different colours. The colours of each of these hexagons possess some value, which can be determined by the amount of bet placed by the player in the game. When the game starts, grid gets filled by the different colours of hexagon in a random manner. When the hexes and hexagons are matched adjacently, so that they form complete line from left to right about all of the 5 columns, win result is obtained. The payouts are calculated by multiplying the value of the hexagons with the number of hexes available in the winning line of the game. After this, hexes on the winning lines are removed and then again another lot of the game begins. If again winning combination takes place, the players obtain fresh payouts.

The bonus game in the Hexaline slot game gives more excitement to the players as compared to the bonus game of other ordinary online slots. The game activates when three or more Bonus hexes appear on the screen after all the winning results are completed. The columns containing the hexes have different values in the ascending order arranged from left to right in the game. When hex in any column turns on, player will get the payout concerning with that column. The game begins when a player selects a hex from the highlighted column. In accordance with the arrow direction, players interlaced across the grids and try to turn on all the hexes, by collecting the bonus values of the game. If the player selects a cross, the bonus round of Hexaline will finished.

Triangulation Game launched by Microgaming Software

Triangulation is another game released by the Microgaming Software this month. This is also based on the instant Flash play software of Microgaming software provider. The concept of this game is slightly different because here the grid in triangular in shape, which contain 16 small triangles locked in it for providing some new features in the game. The gaps are filled with different coloured triangles in a random manner. Here the payout in game occurs only when 4 or more connected triangles appear on the grid. The connections among the triangles are done only by the sides of the triangles and not in any other way are considered valid here.

Bonus round of the triangulation is activated when 3 or more bonus triangles appear on the reels after all the winning combinations are paid out in the game. Here players can select 3 bonus triangles and then change them with the wild symbols as wild symbols act as replacement for any colored triangles. Also the wild symbols can take part in more than one winning combinations in the game.

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