Gambling licenses for Online Gambling Industries

One important issue that should be taken under consideration while selecting any of the online gaming providers such as online poker, casino or online sports book is that, from where gaming providers have obtained the license for providing such services to the people.
For example, an Internet casino is considered as legal, if it is licensed by the country to which their web servers belong to and also should inform the local government to some extent. Most of the websites for gambling are found outside United States of America. But, in spite of this, there are many companies for casinos and sportsbook, which actually operate from America and only the servers of these sites are located out side the country.

Gaming Licenses are mainly provided by Under-developed Countries

The licenses issued for operating the online casinos or governments of many countries all over the world provide sportsbook. The main among them is from Governments of Caribbean and Pacific Island such as Curacau and Vanuatu, St Kitts, Antigua and Barbuda and lastly Dominica. The main reason for which online gambling operations are placed in underdeveloped and small countries is that this will help to improve economic conditions of the countries. This is because, online games providing companies give any amount (maximum $100,000) for obtaining gaming licenses in these countries and also will pay the necessary taxes to Government of these under- developed countries. Thus, in this way, online casinos are now become the new and wonderful mode for enhancing the economic conditions of the under-developed and backward countries all over the world.

Apart from these, now days, other well known jurisdictions such as Kahnawake Gaming Commission also known as Gaming Commission of the North American Indian territories also started providing licenses to the online gaming industries of the world. Also some of the online casinos having good reputation display their logo and symbol of the license so that players can easily identified that whether casino is licensed or not before entering there.

About Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in year 1996. This is an independent and 3rd party Gaming license provider, which consists of three members who are appointed by Mohawk Council of Kahnawake located in Canada. This small territory of Mohawk has gained popularity in the Online Gambling Industry, because it is only one jurisdiction, which possesses servers in North America required for hosting real money Online Gambling sites.
Kahnawake Gaming Commission receives any applications from the gaming industries and then evaluates and gives certificate about the standards of applicants of gaming industry. The solvency, capability of meeting players obligations, control systems etc. of gaming softwares are required to ensure their accuracy, reliability and fairness in the services provided by them.

About Antigua and Barbuda Gaming

Antigua and Barbuda Gaming was founded in 1999. They issued "Preferential Seal", which highlights about terms and conditions of issuing licenses to the players as per the laws given by Directorate of Offshore Gaming.

Meaning of “Preferential Seal” as per Directorate of Offshore Gaming

The company, which is operating the online gaming site or casino site, and has its shareholders possessing 5% or more amount of shares in he company are considered to be having passed personal and corporate due-diligence screening.
The software provider companies, responsible for making odds of the games to be played on various online gaming sites, fulfill internationally recognized standards for fairness.
The physical corporate headquarters and primary servers of the company are in Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, in this case primary server is considered as the one on which the transactions are being done.

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