Online Casino Jackpots offered by Online Slots Casino

Online casino jackpots are becoming very popular these days. This is because, they are giving good opportunity to players to earn a huge amount of money as compared to that obtained by them from the normal payouts of the game. Slot games are well known for offering online casino jackpots and even many of them award huge prizes for winning variety of slot games.

Forms of Online Casino Jackpots offered by slot machines

Mainly, online jackpots are offered to players in two forms, namely standard jackpots and progressive jackpots. Here standard jackpot is a fixed or predetermined amount that can be obtained by hitting correct winning combination on online jackpot game. This can be understood well by considering one example, say; a fruit machine slot can give jackpot worth $25,000 for combining all the correct symbols means all cherry symbols as per rules of game.

On the other hand, progressive online jackpots are those, which increase gradually, until any player hit the winning combination of jackpot in the game. For example, in fruit machine progressive slot, jackpot begins at $10,000 and increases gradually at the rate of $.05 per dollar inserted in the game. Also if the reels are rotated 500,000 times before declaration online casino jackpot, then jackpot will worth $35,000.

Progressive jackpots at online casinos are likely to increase more rapidly as compared to that at Brick and Mortar casino. There are two main reasons for such tendency of progressive jackpots in online slot games. First reason is that in online casinos, about hundreds of players will spin the reels simultaneously as compared to the land based casinos where players are comparatively less in number than at online casinos. Second reason is that, online slot games are powered by famous software networks such as Microgaming and Playtech all over world. Microgaming software networks, supply their softwares to about hundreds of online casinos and progressive jackpots will increase gradually in all of the online casinos. So if 100 players at 100 different online casinos are playing the same slot game simultaneously, progressive jackpot will increase 10,000 times faster than single Brick and Mortar (B & M) casino.

Other games offering Online Casino Jackpots

Apart from the slots games, online casino jackpots are also offered by poker games. Some of them are Cyberstud Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and many more Video Poker games. For winning in the online casino jackpot offered by Video Poker, players have to build up Royal Flush, which is considered as absolutely hard winning combination in all of the poker games. As getting Royal Flush hand is hard and rare combination in the game, so the players, getting this combination are awarded with extremely high amount by the casinos.

Online casino jackpots offered by Caribbean Stud Poker is more or less similar to those offered by any normal video poker games, but some more benefits and wagering amounts are added in this game. For releasing online jackpot, the players have to place their bets separately in the jackpot column of poker game. Here, on obtaining a Royal Flush players can get 100% of the jackpot amount but players can get two other small jackpot amounts from Caribbean Stud Poker game. They are Straight Flush and 4 like symbols, Full House or Flush. Straight Flush, generally offers 10 % of online jackpot while 4 like symbols, Full House or Flush gives fixed wining amount of the game. Cyberstud Poker game is played almost in the same manner as Caribbean Stud Poker. The difference is that here optional side bets are required for releasing the online casino jackpot.

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