Exciting Frankie's Fantastic 7 Online Slots Game

During the year 1996, in the month of September, Dettori had rode all of his 7 horses, in the event of having victory at Ascot. This remarkable historic event becomes the theme of two online slots games, which are powered by well-known Playtech software. One game is Frankie Dettori's Magic 7 and another one is Frankie's Fantastic 7 online game.

About Frankie's Fantastic 7 online slots game
Frankie's Fantastic 7 online game is known as arcade fixed odds game. Unlike other slot games, this is not virtual game of animal racing because the game does not replicate animated race. The horses are shown moved along the tracks based on cards betted by players. Here, race is between 7 horses of Dettori, which are named as Wall Street, Decorated Hero, Fujiyama Crest, Diffident, Fatefully, Lochangel and Mark of Esteem. The reason for which this online slot game becomes interesting is that all these 7 horses are those that are rode by Dettori.

Horses in this game used to run in their own tracks. The lanes on which horses will run consist of several numbers of steps, starting from 4 and up to 6. Horse that goes first at the last step will win the race. Clearly, odds will be shorter for those horses, which will have comparatively fewer steps than others. During each game, cards are betted for one horse. Now, card having highest rank will win and horse corresponding to the card will move one-step forward. In case of tie between ranks of cards, decision about winning card is made by suit of the cards. The suit strengths of cards from lowest to highest are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. Now, again if two cards get highest ranks based on ranks as well as their suits, then both horses will go one-step forward in the game. If, two horses, on going forward result in winning of both of them, then desired payout of players will get halved. Also if joker is betted by any player, horse will be eliminated from the race. This online slots game uses 2 pack of cards such each of them will contain one card as joker.

Players can wager on any of the horses or all of the seven horses as per willingness for placing their bets in game. They can do this simply by placing chip on wagering area corresponding to lane number. The odds involved in the game will display on other side of lane number. These odds offered to the horses depend upon steps that required to be followed by them for going to the final step of race. Horse that needs 4 steps only to reach final step are offered with odds from 2.4 to 1. For horses, requiring 5 steps will be offered with odds of 5.75 to 1. Horses’ requiring six steps to reach at the first step is offered with odds of 13 to 1. Also, game possess two major wagering areas as top three horses and bottom three horses, which are marked as Evens and they offer odds of .95 to 1. Odds offered to horses can also be displayed in decimal format simply by the help of button located at top right corner.

The minimum amount of bet that a player can place it for playing Frankie's Fantastic 7 online slot game is $1 while maximum amount is $50. For placing the wagering amounts conveniently, players are also provided with 4 operating buttons, namely “Clear Last Bet” button, "Clear All Bets" button, "Repeat Bet" button and lastly "Rebet & Race" button, which are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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