Enjoy Lucky Wheel Online Slots game

Lucky Wheel is one of the popular online slots game powered by CTXM software. This slot game is also made available at instant play Bodog casino. The game can be accessed very easily from Specialty Games section and can be played in both Real Money and Practice modes by having lots of enjoyment from game. Lucky Wheel online slot game also symbolizes the features of roulette casino games.
The wagering mechanism of Lucky Wheel online slot game at Bodog Casino is different to some extent from roulette game. So, this needs to be understood very well by players before starting the game. First of all, players can place their bets at 1, 2, 5 or 10 chips in any of the available wagering area. Here, value of default chip is $1.00, but this value can be decreased or increased at the rate of $0.35. Total wagered amount of the players, which is equal to total chips betted across all available wagering options, multiplied by chip value is highlighted at top right of screen.

Betting Options available for Lucky Wheel Online Slots game
Lucky Wheel Online Slots game, as the name implies, main element of the game is a large wheel having 32 positions and numbered from 1 to 32. After the rotation of wheel gets completed, it stops at any one of the numbers from 1 to 32. Players can place their bets on any of the numbers. Winning result in the game will be obtained, if wheel after completing its rotation rests at the selected number. Apart from this, there are also other betting options available for players. 32 positions of the wheel are also partitioned in to 4 color sectors. Numbers 1 to 10 on the wheel are covered by blue color; green color is used to cover numbers from 11 to 24, yellow color is used to cover numbers from 25 to 29 and lastly, red color is used to cover numbers from 30 to 32. In this case, player will get winning result, if wheel clapper after rotation rests inside the selected sector. Also 32 numbers are divided in to 5 intervals as 1 to 7, 8 to 16, 17 to 20, 21 to 26 and lastly 27 to 32. Here, player will win the bet, if wheel clapper rests by pointing any number inside selected interval.

Moreover, there are 4 other wagering options available for the players at the central stationary wheel area. These betting options are named as even bets, odd bets, higher bets and lower bets. Odd bets and even bets, as their name suggests, contain all odd numbers and even numbers respectively. Most interesting betting options available for players in this slot game are higher bet and lower bet. First of all, current number is shown at the center of wheel. Now, if wheel clapper stops by indicating any number, which is less than the current number, lower bet will win by player. Similarly, if wheel clapper indicates any number, greater than current number, higher bet will be won by player.

Payouts related with Lucky Wheel Slot game
Payouts related information is really vital for players of Lucky Wheel at Bodog online casino. Here, payout table is not provided for players. But, when cursor is moved over particular wagering option area, only payout for that particular wager made is shown in message box. Also payouts given to players are different for different types of betting options available as described before. Individual numbers will give payout of 28 to 1. Also, since color sectors are different, so payouts offered by them will also vary depending upon the numbers covered by them.

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