Enjoy Electronic Roulette Game by Top Game Software

Electronic Roulette is one type of Roulette game powered by famous Top Game software provider. This roulette game has negligible features that are found in online roulette games. However, this game is presented in a very special environment and so game becomes far more interesting than ordinary roulette games.

About Electronic Roulette Game

Electronic Roulette, as the name implies, game is conducted in an innovative environment. Here, layout of Roulette appears on an electronic screen rather than appearing on a casino table. Many such screens are made available around central roulette wheel, but only one of them remains active. The wheel of Roulette is also enclosed in glass casing. The screens and wheels are placed on steel structure.

Electronic Roulette game usually starts by choosing chip size by players. In Electronic roulette game powered by Top Game software, no chips having different denominations will be on display. At the right side of Roulette layout screen, there are many buttons, which are marked with different wagering sizes for players. By clicking on a particular button, player can select the suitable bet denomination. Layout of Electronic Roulette is more or less similar to normal Roulette game. Electronic Roulette game powered by Top Game is a type of European Roulette having a single zero in the wheel. The wagering amounts can be placed by clicking on required spaces on Roulette layout. The minimum betting amount required to be placed by players is $1 and maximum wagering amount required is $100. The maximum limit is applied to total of all wagering amounts made by players. The total betting amount placed by players is displayed in tool bar of electronic screen of placed above layout of Electronic Roulette.

After placing the wagering amount, player triggers the wheel, by clicking on Spin button. At this time, dealer says “No more bets please”. Now, when wheel of Roulette stops, dealer will declare the number along with color that is either red or black and also whether it is even or odd. If any wagering amount will be paid off, dealer will announce, "Player wins". The last number and the amount won by player is also displayed in toolbar in electronic screen above Roulette layout. At the last, dealer will announce, "Place your bets please".

At the end of one spin of Roulette wheel, betting amounts placed by players get cleared automatically. If, any player wants to repeat the spin with similar betting amount, he should click on Rebet button or else he can choose new betting amounts on the layout. Also if any player wants to change wagering amount placed by him before rotation of wheel, he should use Clear button. Although Electronic Roulette powered by Top Game does not possess outstanding features as in other variants of Roulette games, but two important features are provided in it, which are named as called and close up.

Table Games Customization Options provided by Electronic Roulette

Electronic Roulette game also provides Table Games Customization Options to players. These options can be obtained easily by using Game Settings button. There are 3 possible options of gaming speed provided, which in case of Roulette games is related with the time required for Roulette wheel to stop after rotation. The options available are High, Normal and Slow. Also there are options available for voice of dealer, conducting the game as male, female and no voice. Apart from this, other sound effects available in Electronic Roulette game is sound of the ball, which is produced against the rotating wheel and it can be switched on or off.

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